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RX8 Rotary Engined Mazda Sportscars

Initially introduced in 2004, the Mazda RX-8 is a sporty coupe and successor to the RX-7. It marks the return of the Wankel rotary engine. While acceleration is not necessarily explosive, it is exceptionally smooth and responsive provided that you keep the engine at mid-revs, which becomes natural and sound “invigorating”. Handling is super again, with quick communicative steering and is forgiving at the limits. Unlike some competitors , the ride is fairly comfortable. This truly fun-to-drive car doesn’t beat you up and seats four. The rear-hinged rear doors with no center roof pillar makes backseat access relatively easy.

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Mazda, resolute that this new RX-8 will not have the faith alike to that of RX-7 made the necessary adjustments. The best part with Mazda RX-8 is its economical price. You get all the nice features of sports car plus the four seat accommodation for about $25,180 for the 210 horsepower four speed automatic version and around $27,000 for the 250 horsepower six speed version.. There are front seats which are more than enough for two passengers plus two more rear seats that can also hold two adults comfortably. With all these, RX-8 is truly the authentic sports car that can hold as much as four persons.. This also augmented the fuel consumption rate and emission of engine. The compactness of the RX-8 engine also led to the development of front mid-engine design that caused more effortless turning.. That is, its twisting and torsional solidity is doubled as compared to the previous RX-7.

The front and rear suspensions of this was made different from that of the previous model. The rear suspension on the other hand is regulated by links forming five-element multiple link system made of links that are 3 to 7 inches,rubber cased and more extended than that of RX-7 links. These account for the first-rate regulation on wheel curvature and receptiveness..3 inches more extended. To regulate the jaunt of front suspensions there is the monotube-shock absorbers that are gas-pressurized, with coil springs and anti-roll hallow bar plus an all-electronic operated power assistance. In terms of comparison to Mazda Miatas- the base 1.6 L engine delivers adequate power and ranges smoothly. Acceleration from o to 60 miles per hour ( 100 km / hour) was in the 8-second range. Its 5 speed manual transmission shifted easily and had well spaced gears. The vehicle’s lightness and 50/50 weight distribution made it and easy car to toss around corners. Yet it was relatively jittery on uneven doors.. The improved rigid backbone framework was a product of design techniques done via the computer as well as driveline tunnel fortification..

The engine of this model is a result of particular renovations of the known Renesis engine, a 13B twin rotor engine. Some in the auto review trades will not that overall body assembly is average yet rattles and squeaks are common and even to be expected. Some owners have noted of paint defects and sheet metal that can be considered lightweight but thin. Watch out for water leaks around doors and windows.. The major alteration that they did with the Renesis engine is the relocation of the ports for exhausts towards the side plates that resulted to a more efficient breathing of the engine. This in turn resulted to a power output of 250 horsepower by 8500 rpm which is closely similar to the turbo rotary of last production. In addition the repositioning enhanced the engine emission as well as the fuel consumption. The more compact engine of this model also led to the front mid-engine design where the engine is placed around 1.6 inches inferior to the chassis and about 2.4 inches backwards. This gives RX-8 its increased ability to take curves and arcs more undemanding. Its straight-line stability is still superb with a 106 inches wheelbase which is around 10.8 inches lengthier than that of the RX-7’s.

The best part of the deal with this Mazda model is its affordable price. All of these great sporting features of RX-8 coupled with the real four seats capacity are offered at $25,180 to $27,000. The $25,180 is the version that is equipped with 210 horsepower output and four speed automatic transmission while the more expensive version is built with 250 horsepower and six-speed automatic. The top price of this model usually does not reach more than $33, 000.

The model has been assessed in comparison with competitors to really evaluate its features of performance, functionality and price. In looking back at MX-3s brakes and wheel bearing problems were commonplace. Most of the MX-3’s parts are used interchangeably on other Mazda cars, so their overall reliability was outstanding as should be expected of the RX-8. Its negative aspects compared with the two are the absence of midrange grunt, trunk opening that is minute and a profile that appears swollen. However, RX-8 exhibits the most reactive and competent chassis, compact engine package, light weightiness and best market value. The improved rigid backbone framework was a product of design techniques done via the computer as well as driveline tunnel fortification..

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