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This post will provide you with tips to keep your boat in good condition.

Advice for Keeping Your Boat in Good Shape

Going out on the water and getting away from the mainland can be incredibly relaxing and truly pleasant, but not if your boat is acting up or not functioning at its best. That is why it is very important that you always keep your boat well maintained and in good conditions otherwise it can cause problems when you least expected or when it is most inconvenient. The following list of maintenance tasks can help you stay on top of some of the essential cares that your boat requires.

5 Maintenance Tasks to Help Keep Your Boat in Good Conditions

  1. External cleaning. One of the things that some overlook while other focus too much on is the external care of your boat. The salt water, sun, and humid environment can cause your boat´s paint to corrode and the exterior to wear out. Wash your boat after every use to rinse off salt water or other grime that may be stuck to it. Use products that are safe for the environment and that are gentle on your boat´s paint. Invest in a cover for when your boat is not in use as this can be quite beneficial. It can help protect against different components such as UV rays and prevent dirt and other environmental contaminants from making their way inside your boat.
  2. Check the propeller. Since watercrafts and boats, all function in humid and wet environments and there are other contaminants in the water to consider, it is important to protect certain components such as the propeller. The propeller is a very important part of the boat and needs to be inspected often. Remove the propeller periodically to check that there are no discarded fish lines around the propeller shaft. Check that there are no dents or scrapes that cause a substantial damage. If the propeller is damaged it can lead to more damage on bearings and seals. Make sure you also add waterproof grease to the propeller shaft so that it doesn´t get stuck in place. We recommend that you use a waterproof synthetic grease that is truly reliable such as AMSOIL´s Synthetic Water Resistant Grease. For more information on the best AMSOIL products for your boat contact Ken Reaser Enterprises.
  3. Keep the internal parts in good conditions. The inside of your boat is just as important if not more than the outside because it is what truly helps your boat work efficiently and remain in conditions to be used out on the waters.  The engine is one of the most vital components and it is necessary that you keep it clean and in check. Make sure that it stays lubricated by checking the oil often and always before heading out on the water. You also need to verify that all necessary fluids such as transmission fluid are in good shape and that there is sufficient amount.
  4. Oil changes. Oil changes are the top maintenance need for your engine and you must regularly check the oil levels and conditions it is in. Otherwise, you could drive your engine to danger and it could turn into a disaster when you are out on the water. Whether you use your boat regularly or not you need to change the oil and ensure that it stays in good conditions. Even if you don´t use your boat often the oil can become contaminated and reduce its ability to lubricate and protect the engine correctly. Also, the work conditions that marines engines face demand quality lubricants. AMSOIL synthetic marine oil provides complete coverage against wear, friction, and engine deterioration.
  5. Check the battery. The battery is another important aspect that needs to be well cared for. If it doesn´t have enough power you could be in trouble. That is why it is important that you verify that your battery is well charged before you go out on your boat and that the battery fluids are at a proper level. Keep your battery clean by wiping it and the areas around it. The dampness and humidity of the water environment can cause faster battery drain and some corrosion around it.

Quality Products and Synthetic Oil for Your Boat in Apopka

Do your best to keep every aspect of your boat in check and be on the lookout for areas that may need additional attention. Use products that are reliable and of good quality. AMSOIL products are of great quality and offer the best protection for your boat. Contact Ken Reaser Enterprises today at (321) 230-6958 to learn more of products they carry for the maintenance and care of your boat.

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