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Get ready for ATV riding this summer! There's much to explore and enjoy; however, safety always comes first; therefore, be sure to learn how you can stay safe on the trails by reading this post that Ken Reaser Enterprises in Apopka has for you today.

Nowadays, people are looking forward to enjoying outdoor activities after staying inside their homes this past year. So what better way to enjoy a breath of fresh air than riding an ATV with family and friends? There are so many expeditions and new trails to explore; however, if you are getting ready for ATV riding, you might need helpful advice to ensure your safety on the road. If you want to learn more about this topic, keep reading this article by Ken Reaser Enterprises in Apopka. 

Choose The Right Helmet

The last thing you want from an ATV riding experience is to be left with a severe head injury, or worst. Driving an all-terrain vehicle can be safe as long as you follow safety rules; therefore, wearing a helmet each time you head out to the trails is a must to ride safely. In addition to safety, helmets can be very comfortable when they are the correct size. When buying one, make sure it's suitable for you!

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Use Protective Wear

When it comes to riding in muddy, gravel, or mixed-surface trails, you'll need more than a helmet to protect your face and skin. For instance, ankles need support to maintain balance throughout the ride, so make sure to wear boots. Furthermore, eyes can be irritated with bugs, flying gravel, or branches along the way, so make sure to protect them with goggles. You can also wear gloves to protect your hands. Additionally, you want to wear long sleeves and jeans to prevent your skin from getting road scars.

Be Cautious While Riding

Exploring new terrains is part of the ATV riding fun; however, you want to be aware and cautious about riding steep hills or streams. You can avoid overturning your ATV by reading your owner's manual to learn what inclination angle is too steep for it. Furthermore, check your owner's manual to learn about the maximum water depth your ATV can handle.

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Avoid Drinking

Although some people decide to drink and ride because they are far from public roads, streets, and highways, it's needless to say that mixing alcohol with driving is a recipe for disaster. You don't want to ride with impaired vision and slow reflexes; therefore, ensure your safety and don't drink while riding.

Look After Young Riders

Riding an ATV is a holiday activity for many families; for this reason, many children experience the fun of riding during vacations. However, it is worth mentioning that Florida has safety restrictions for children; for instance, any children under 16 years old must have a safety course certificate. Additionally, young riders under the age of 16 must have supervision from an adult. Therefore, if you have a child, help them to ride safely.

Ensure Preventive Maintenance For Your ATV

The best way to ride safely is through preventive maintenance for your ATV's engine. So before heading out to your next expedition, make sure to inspect the following components and fluids:
    • Tire pressure: You can perform this checking with an ATV tire gauge. Properly inflated tires get reduced wear; therefore, they last longer.
    • Gas tank: You want to make sure your ATV has enough gas for the day. This way, you'll never get stranded on the trail.
    • Lights: Ensure your all-terrain vehicle's lights work correctly and get ready to ride on cloudy days or after dark.
    • Air filter: Your ATV's engine needs ventilation and protection against bugs or gravel; therefore, check its air filter to make sure it's not clogged.
    • Fluids: The best way to extend your all-terrain vehicle's longevity is by checking its fluids supply regularly; therefore, make sure to check its oil, coolant, and diff fluid levels.

Enjoy a Safe Ride by Giving Your ATV a Synthetic Oil Change in Apopka.

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