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Synthetic Oil Helps Protect the Engine Against Friction Problems

No matter how careful you are with your car´s exterior, there are far more dangers in the interior that you need to be aware of, in order to properly protect it, and keep it in good working condition. One of those sneaky and most harmful dangers is friction. That is why today at Ken Reaser Enterprises, we want to focus on discussing how friction can affect your vehicle and why a synthetic oil change can be the best way to prevent engine breakdowns caused by it.

The Terrible Dangers of Engine Friction

The engine pieces that are in constant movement tend to rub against one another and create friction. When friction is present, the engine parts suffer wear and consistent scraping that can lead to the parts being easily worn out and so deteriorated they will no longer work correctly. If the friction suddenly becomes very violent, the engine pieces could immediately breakdown and cause the engine to suffer even greater damage, resulting in a vehicle that is no longer drivable. The friction that is created by the moving engine parts is quite a dangerous side effect of the working pieces. So how does the engine survive this? Thankfully there is a special system designed to deal with this specific problem.

How the Engine Stays Protected Against Friction

The oil system, also regarded as the lubricating system, is in charge of keeping the engine parts working in safe conditions by lubricating them so that they do not grind and roughly scrape each other in the process. The lubricating system is the process by which the motor oil is able to reach and effectively cover the engine parts and maintain the engine pieces lubricated for as long as they are moving. The motor oil is the elemental part of the lubricating system, as this is the component that is responsible for lubricating the engine parts. By coating them with a sleek and slippery layer of smoothness, the motor oil is able to reduce and hopefully eliminate friction, so that the engine pieces can glide and slide fluently without problems.

Why Using Synthetic Oil Helps Best Protect Against Friction

Due to the importance of the job that motor oil has, the quality and effectiveness needs to be truly exceptional in order to keep the engine safe against friction. As we mentioned previously in another post, synthetic oil offers multiple advantages, and one of them is truly exceptional and superior lubrication. Synthetic oil changes offer long lasting and consistent lubrication that truly shields your engine against friction problems and dangers. At our online Amsoil store, you can find the most top-notch products and the right full synthetic oil for your vehicle. You can also contact us today, for direct help in choosing the adequate items for your engine.

The Way the Oil System Works

Once you have completed your synthetic oil change, the lubricating system takes care of the rest, by distributing it to the parts that require friction protection. The parts of the oil system work together to complete this function. First the oil pump draws out the oil from the oil pan and into the pick-up tube. The oil pump is designed to extract more oil than is actually needed, as a way of protecting the engine from an insufficient amount of oil. The pressure relief valve works to discharge the extra pressure created by the abundant oil that was extracted.

What Happens After the Oil Is Suctioned out of the Oil Pan?

Next, the oil reaches the oil filter where it is cleaned out before entering the spurt holes and galleries. The oil filter is a very crucial component to the lubricating system as it is in charge of making sure the oil does not spread out the gunk and dirt it might be carrying into unwanted parts of the engine. Learn more about why it is essential to keep the oil filter clean and change it as needed in our previous post here. Once the oil has entered the holes and galleries, these make sure the oil is spread out adequately throughout the engine parts that require it. Lastly, the oil drips back into the oil pan where it repeats the process as long as the engine is working.

Benefit From a Synthetic Oil Change in Apopka

Allow the lubrication system to protect your engine in the best way possible, by providing it with the most high-quality synthetic oil on the market. Choose Amsoil full synthetic oil for your synthetic oil change and experience the benefits today. Call us now at  (321) 230-6958. 

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