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Following a routine car maintenance schedule improves your vehicle's efficiency and lifespan; hence, this post by Ken Reaser Enterprises in Apopka shares the main checks your car needs each year.

Daily routine becomes much easier when you can rely on your vehicle. After all, you drive it to work, visit friends, run daily errands, go out on weekends, and so much more. Still, your car is a complex machine that needs supervision and a routine car maintenance schedule to run smoothly. So, if you want to make the most out of it, make sure to learn about the leading service requirements it needs each year by reading this post by Ken Reaser Enterprises in Apopka.

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Yearly Car Maintenance Schedule

Now, the first thing you should do as a car owner is digging into your owner's manual. This book is your primary source to meet your vehicle's maintenance requirements, instructions, and troubleshooting advice. Nonetheless, read below to find out key preventive checks in a yearly car maintenance schedule.

Monthly Checks

Since monthly supervision doesn't require complex mechanical work, you can perform the following checkings each month to keep your vehicle operating at its best:
  • Synthetic oil levels: Without a doubt, this is the most vital fluid under your vehicle's hood. Simply put, synthetic oil lubricates all the engine's moving parts to avoid friction-related damage but also to prevent premature wear and overheat. Given those vital functions, you must supervise your oil levels monthly by referring to your owner's manual instructions.
  • Tire pressure: Tires play a crucial role in improving fuel efficiency and keeping your engine working smoothly. To keep them in tip-top shape, ensure they are correctly inflated by checking their air pressure monthly. They should always have the operational pressure indicated in your owner's manual or the sticker inside your driver's door.
  • Car Wash: Cleaning your vehicle will protect its paint job from contaminants, oils, and debris. Plus, make sure to declutter your truck and backseat once a month to keep your car light and safe.

Three Months Maintenance

After three months of driving your car consistently, you'll probably have accumulated 30,000 miles; so, at this point is critical to check on your car's fluids; after all, the engine relies on its liquids to run smoothly. Here are the primary fluids you should supervise:
  • Coolant: When it comes to preventing your engine from overheating, coolant is vital. Considering that, supervise coolant levels every three months to make sure they are optimal.
  • Brake fluid: Your whole braking system depends on this fluid to allow your vehicle a safe stop; therefore, check its condition and levels regularly will improve your safety while driving.
  • Transmission fluid: The transmission system consists of dozens of moving gears that require lubrication to operate; hence, you must ensure proper levels of transmission fluid.
  • Power Steering Fluid: This fluid allows smooth steering to drive your vehicle's front wheels. Considering that, make sure to check this fluid every three months.

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Six Months Maintenance

At this point, you'll need to schedule a professional vehicle inspection with your mechanic; after all, driving for six months means you've accumulated 6,000 miles. Here are the maintenance tasks you must ensure for your car twice a year:
  • Battery: Considering that your battery could run down at any moment, make sure to keep it adequately charged. By giving it preventive maintenance, you'll be able to keep it at a healthy range between 12.4 and 12.7 volts.
  • Tires Rotation: Repositioning your tires is vital to delay tires' wear. By maximizing their lifespan, you'll be able to keep good traction, fuel efficiency, and safety on the road.
  • Air filter: The main function of your air filter is to keep the engine free from dust, bugs, and other airborne contaminants that could hinder the engine's performance. Given that, make sure it's not clogged with dust by checking it twice a year.
  • Fuel filter: As the name implies, the fuel filter keeps your fuel clean and efficient by filtering damaging contaminants; for that reason, it's vital to give its condition a check twice a year.

Twelve Months Maintenance

Given that regular car use for a year gets you to approximately 10,000 miles, your vehicle will require the following service every twelve months:
  • Synthetic oil change: Generally speaking, car fluids tend to break down over time due to pressure and heat within the motor. Since engine oil is your vehicle's primary fluid, it's vital to keep it fresh by changing it yearly.
  • Brakes: The brake system is vital to ensure your safety on the road; therefore, you must get it serviced once a year to keep it reliable and efficient.
  • Wheel Alignment: This service is essential to keep your steering wheel centered and your suspension adjusted to its proper angles so your wheels won't drift while you drive.

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