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Whether you are an experienced rider or a beginner, keeping your skills fresh is very important for ensuring your safety on the road. Read this post by Ken Reaser Enterprises and learn about the skills every rider should master.

If a few weeks or months have passed since your last ride, your motorcycle riding skills might be a bit rusty. It’s important to practice and keep your skills fresh. Further developing your abilities and keeping them up to date can help you feel confident and more prepared on the road. Whether you are a beginner or a skilled rider, learning should be something that you never stop doing. Read this article by Ken Reaser Enterprises and learn about the essential motorcycle skills every rider should master.

Riding at Slow Speed

Slow speed riding is the riding you used when you are stuck in traffic or move from a stop. If you struggle with keeping your motorcycle in the right position and in balance, you might want to consider practicing this type of riding. It is perfectly normal to feel a bit unstable or ever shaky, but improving the skills and combination of actions that involve slow speed riding will also help you improve in every other type of riding. Start by practicing your clotch and throttle control. After having those skills mastered, pay special attention to your body position. Take time out of your week to practice your slow speed maneuvering, and you will master the skill in no time!

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Following Distance

The following distance is the seconds that separate you from the vehicle in front of you. A lot of riders tend to ride close to the person in front of them, but this can be dangerous as they don’t allow themselves to have enough time to react to obstacles or unexpected circumstances. The recommended following distance is a minimum of two seconds between you and the vehicle in front of you. If you are an experienced rider, two seconds is usually enough time to adjust to unexpected challenges on the road. For beginners, it is recommended to allow for a bigger following distance.

Breaking Skills

We understand that breaking can be a tough skill to master, but sometimes, this can make the difference between being involved in an accident or being safe. It’s pretty common for drivers to abruptly grab the front brake, which causes it to lock. The other common scenario is when riders overuse the rear brake, underutilizing the front. Start practicing your braking abilities in an empty parking lot. Try breaking by slowly applying the braking power and seeing how your motorcycle reacts. Every motorcycle is different, so the best thing you can do is figure out what technique works better for you.

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Body Position

Your body is your ally for keeping balance and utilizing your body weight for steering. If you haven’t figured out or are out of practice on how your body should be position throughout the ride, take some time to refresh your memory. The correct body position can help you ride smoothly, especially when turning. Your body can help you set the new direction your motorcycle needs to go. It will also allow you to have a better experience with cornering and reducing target fixation.


Being constantly aware of what is happening on the road is essential. You might think that this is quite obvious, but there are many unexpected things that can enter the road. Other riders, animals, damaged parts of the road, this can all be things you might encounter. Remember that by riding a motorcycle, you are in a very vulnerable position. Car drivers have a harder time seeing you, and you are also less protected, so make sure you are responsible and focused on the road.

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