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How to Select the Right Type of Engine Oil for Your Boat 

Having a boat can be quite fun and helpful, whether you use it for recreation, fishing or any other purpose, you need to take good care of it. Changing the oil and using the right kind of lubricant for the job is the most vital part of marine engine maintenance. That is why today we want to discuss how to select the right type of engine oil for your marine motor.

Use Marine Oil and Not Just Regular Lubricant Intended for Cars

The lubrication needs and demands of a marine motor are not like those in cars or motorcycles. It may sound easy to use two-stroke bike oil in your two-stroke marine engine, after all, they are both two-stroke engines, but this can be a costly mistake. The same goes for four-stroke marine engines. You should not use regular motor oil for your marine engine even if it is the same oil grade that your boat requires. The environment and demands of a marine boat are not all that alike to those of a motorcycle or car. A boat is not always in use, or maybe not as much as a car, but when it is, the engine is under constant strain. Marine engines must operate under recurrent load at an increased amount of revolutions per minute. They also face quite different environmental elements. The water, humidity, and sometimes salty environment can all play a major role. All these elements can directly, and indirectly, affect your boat and engine.

Synthetic Oils Are the Best Option for Your Marine Engine

The quality of the lubricant you use also makes a great impact on your boat´s engine. If you want to prolong the durability of the engine and increase its efficiency then you need to use a good quality synthetic marine oil. The stability and protective abilities of synthetic oil surpass those of conventional oils, providing prolonged lubrication and longer lasting coverage against dangerous factors. Try AMSOIL´s synthetic oil today, and experience the difference. Contact Ken Reaser Enterprises right now, for help in selecting the ideal lubricant for your boat.

Two-Stroke Marine Engines Have Different Lubrication Requirements

In two-stroke marine engines the oil mixes in with the fuel. The simplified engine is powered up and lubricated as part of the same process. That means they require special two-stroke marine oil that is formulated to be premixed or directly placed into the engine, depending on how the specific engine model works. It is important that you verify and follow the lubrication instructions in your owner´s manual to learn what kind of two-stroke marine oil your boat requires and any other details you need to know such as the fuel to oil ratio, if necessary.

Four-Stroke Marine Oil Is More Similar to Other Vehicle Lubricants but Has Different Protective Properties

Four-stroke marine oil should never be mixed with fuel. When it comes to four-stroke marine oil you do not need to worry so much about ratios and adding in anything else. Instead, you need to check your owner´s manual to determine what oil grade your marine engine requires as these type of engines have oils that come in a variety of oil grades somewhat like those of cars. However, it is important to remember that no matter what kind of engine your boat has, you should not use oils intended for use in other types of engines.

Take Proper Care of Your Boat´s Engine by Changing the Oil and Providing Quality Lubrication

It is necessary that no matter what type of oil you use, you change it regularly. Most boats require an oil change after about 50-100 hours of use. However, it is important that you directly follow the manufacturer´s instructions regarding this, as not all engines are the same. Check the oil and make sure that you change it even if you don´t use your boat regularly. In fact, leaving your boat idle for certain periods of time does not mean you can accumulate more ours of use with the same oil. The oil that is not circulating can trap other contaminants and wear out engine parts so make sure you change the oil. It is important that you also properly prepare your boat for the winter. For tips and information on how to winterize your watercraft visit this post.

The Best Marine Engine Products for Your Synthetic Oil Change in Altamonte Springs

AMSOIL synthetic marine oil efficiently maximizes performance and prolongs the durability of your engine. For all types of marine engine lubricants, call Ken Reaser Enterprises today at (321) 230-6958.

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