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If you have a stored car, reviving it can be a challenge. Whether it has been in storage for a few months or years, some steps are recommended to follow to ensure you have success along the process. Learn more in this post by Ken Reaser Enterprises.

If you have a vehicle that has been kept in storage for a long time, don’t try and start it up again abruptly. Cars that have been without use need maintenance and repairs to ensure they safely get back on the road. If you are thinking about reviving your vehicle, keep reading this post that Ken Reaser Enterprises in Apopka has for you and learn some tips to help you get the job done.

Check on Your Fluids

Depending on your car and how long it has been kept in storage for, the fluids you will need to drain and replace may differ. The longer the car has been in storage, the bigger the possibilities of it needing all fluids drained and replaced. On the other hand, if your vehicle has only been without use for a few months, a simple check-up and refilling the fluids might do the job. Remember that the fluids in your engine are the ones that keep it protected and running how it should, so make sure you ensure everything is in top condition.

Brake System

If your vehicle has been in storage for more than 24 months, it is recommended to drain, flush, and refill the brake system. You can use glycol fluid to do this process. Having somebody with you helping is necessary as they can help you step on the brakes as you state each wheel one at a time. It is crucial to repair any issue that might arise along this process before going for a drive. Ensure your brakes clamp down and release smoothly.

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Inspect Your Suspension

Start by visually inspecting your suspension. Are your seals cracked? Are your rubber boots in good condition? Ensure to check all joints, bushings, and pivot points. Ensure they are properly lubricated and that your rubber boots don’t have cracks, they should be soft and flexible. Have the parts replaced that aren’t in good condition as having boots in bad condition makes them lose their ability to lubricate, which can cause you further problems.

Try Starting the Engine

Start by ensuring your car is in an open space or somewhere where enough air gets in. It is possible that when turning the engine on, exhaust smoke may come out, so you don’t want your vehicle to be in a closed room. Put the transmission in neutral and engage the emergency brake. Engage the choke and turn the ignition key to start position, the engine should start. If not, give your everything another check to see if there are any unseen issues you might have missed or if there is something new you notice.

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If, after trying to turn on your engine a few times, it isn’t working, chances are you have a problem with your battery. Your battery should be fully charged and ready to be installed. In batteries, the chemical reaction that creates energy stops working after a long time without being used. After a long time, they become ineffective and unable to start up the engine. For cars that been kept in storage, it is recommended to buy a new battery as an old one might be powerless and probably useless.

Before Going for a Test Drive

Let your car sit for a while with the engine on to let everything warm up and start working. Do a last inspection to ensure everything looks fine. Ensure there aren’t any leaks or weird sounds that might indicate something isn’t the way it should be, or that could harm you or your engine. Also, evaluate your running lights all around, replace what is needed. Have somebody help you check along this process. If everything looks in order, you are ready to go for a drive!

Ensure Your Success on Getting Your Car Back on the Road with a Synthetic Oil Change in Apopka, FL

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