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The cold weather can take a toll on you and on your vehicle to. To protect your vehicle during those harsher days, follow the tips in this post by Ken Reaser Enterprises in Apopka, FL.

How to Protect Your Vehicle From the Colder Weather

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Care for the Tires

Your tires have a great influence in how well your vehicle drives, how safe it is, and more. However, during the colder months, the temperature of the road changes (some of them are even icy, snowy, and slippery). This means that when the tires come into contact with the road, they can experience some changes. This can, in turn, change your vehicle's drive-ability and its safety. To guarantee you'll be as safe as possible when you drive, you need to care for your tires properly. Inflate them and replace them as you see fit.

Inspect the Wipers and Lights

No matter what time of year it is, or what the weather is like, you need to be able to see and be seen when you're driving down the road. Still, this can be more difficult during winter: the days are darker, shorter, and snowy/rainy/or foggy. To increase your visibility, you need to inspect your lights and your wipers. If you find that they aren't working perfectly, get them replaced promptly.

Get the AC System Serviced

Needless to say, the winter months are the coldest of the year. This means that if you want to drive around cozily and warm, you will need to get the AC system serviced by a professional. Aside from the heater, you should verify that the 'defrost' option works correctly. This way, if your windows become cloudy you will be able to clear them up, so you can see the road and objects around you without much problem.

Check the Vehicle's Fluids

As you know, low temperatures can cause liquids to freeze over. That's why, during this time of year, you need to be especially mindful of the fluids that your vehicle requires in order to function as expected. For example, it's necessary that you look into the synthetic oil or the coolant. If they're in bad shape, replace or refill them. Ensuring that they have the right condition and levels, will keep your vehicle performing well.

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Keep an Eye on the Battery

As you can already tell, the freezing low temperatures can have an effect on a few different components in your vehicle, and the battery is not an exception. In fact, the harsher conditions can actually wreak havoc on it. As you know, you can't use your vehicle if the battery isn't working properly. That's why you should be mindful of the battery and get it inspected (even its cables and spark plugs). If the battery is corroded or isn't working adequately, get it replaced.

Start Out Slow

Back in the day, people used to warm up the engine during the colder months before they hit they road. However, doing so is not necessary (unless you're driving a carburated engine), and may even damage the engine (not to mention, it's not the best for the environment). To protect the engine from the colder weather, Popular Mechanics recommends starting slow for the first 15 minutes of you driving. This way, you won't add extra stress of the engine.

Keep the Gas Tank Full

As mentioned a few times over throughout this post, the chillier conditions cause changes in the way your vehicle works. Another element that's affected by the lower temperatures is the fuel. Its consistency may change can cause it to be used up differently. For that reason, you need to keep the fuel tank as full as possible. This way, you won't run the risk of running out of gas these winter months.

Have a Professional Evaluate the Vehicle

A final, but very crucial tip, is that you should have your vehicle inspected by a professional mechanic. Since the conditions outside change drastically during this season, it is recommended that you have your vehicle evaluated by a professional mechanic. Doing so will guarantee that your vehicle will operate correctly, even if it's the coldest of winters outside.

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