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Sunny day driving can also be dangerous. To ensure you stay safe when the intense sun is shining, follow the tips in this post by Ken Reaser Enterprises in Apopka, FL.

The dangers of driving while it's raining, while it's snowing, or while it's the nighttime are obvious, which is why people are more aware of what to do to remain safe in those situations. However, driving during very sunny days can also come with its fair share of dangers, but since they aren't as obvious, people don't know how to deal with them effectively. To change that panorama, this post by Ken Reaser in Apopka, FL will give you simple tips that can help you remain safe even when the sunshine is too intense.

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How to Drive Safely on a Sunny Day

Stay Protected From the Sun

The sun is our savior, as life wouldn't exist without it. However, if you're not careful, it can also be your nemesis. Skin cancer is definitely not something you want, but it is a possibility if you don't shield yourself from the sun when you're outside. To reduce your possibilities of getting it: wear sunscreen, use sunglasses, a hat, and even driving gloves. You can also employ the vehicle's visor to keep your face shielded.

Drink Lots of Water

If you followed the tip above, you're all covered and shielded now. While you may think you've won the battle against the sun, you truly haven't. Sunny days are usually accompanied by intense heat and lots of sweating, which means you could get dehydrated and a heat stroke. To prevent this, be sure to replenish your bodily fluids often with water when you're driving around.

Keep Your Vehicle Clean

Driving around on a dirty vehicle is disgusting, looks bad, isn't great for your health, and it may also take a toll on your vehicle's performance and lifespan. To add to the list of consequences, sunny day driving with a dirty windshield can also be a hazard. If you let gunk build on it, the glare from the sun will blind you, which means you won't see anything while driving.

Maintain Your Vehicle

No time is a good time to have your vehicle malfunction. However, when it's sunny out, can be even more annoying. Furthermore, the hot weather can seriously damage your tires and cause your engine to overheat more easily. For that reason, you should try your best to maintain your vehicle. Help it endure the harsh conditions with regular visits to a professional mechanic.

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Stay Clear From Road Rage

Road rage can be dangerous, as it often leads to rushed decisions and explosive reactions that could result in mistakes and disaster. Unfortunately, the instances of road rage increase with the heat, since people get hot and bothered. To avoid falling victim to it you should: create a calm space inside your vehicle, learn to let the little things go, and practice certain relaxation techniques.

Drive at a Gentler Time

You already know of the dangers that the intense heat can bring, so why not avoid them altogether? Of course, this won't always be possible, but if you can, give it a try. Instead of running your errands during the middle of the day, try doing it before 11 am or after 5 pm, to steer clear of the harshest hours of the sun.

Avoid Being Blinded

Needless to say, sight is an important sense when you're driving around. So, not being able to see all of a sudden when you're behind the wheel is incredibly dangerous. Still, this can happen if the sun rays are too intense. To avoid being blinded, wear sunglasses, don't look directly at shiny surfaces, employ the visor to block some glare out, and use the guiding lines at the side of the road when needed.

Keep Your Distance

Lastly, since it's more likely that the sun will get in your eyes and impair your vision when there's too much sunshine outside, keeping enough distance between your car and the objects/people around you is a smart idea. This way if, for example, a car were to stop all of a sudden, you would have a bit more time to notice the situation and stop successfully.

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