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How Synthetic Oil May Help Reduce the Negative Effects on the Environment

Earth day is just around the corner and every year it becomes more and more crucial to start making better choices for our planet, starting with our vehicles. It would be very difficult for all of us to all trade in our cars for bikes but thankfully there are other things we can do to make less drastic and more simple earth friendly choices that will add up and make a difference. Motor oil is an essential fluid that can impact your engine´s performance as well as the environment. Choosing the right type of motor oil and making more informed decisions can allow us to reduce the negative effects on the environment. Which is why today, at Ken Reaser Enterprises, we want to address this issue and explain why synthetic oil changes are a better option when it comes to your engine, and our environment.

Synthetic Oil Provides Substantial Savings in an Environmentally Friendly Way

There are several thing to be considered that can make your motor oil, bad for the environment or less bad. Where it comes from, how it is disposed of, how soon it needs to be changed, and other factors play a significant role in how much or how little your motor oil is affecting the planet. It is safe to say that taking into consideration all the factors synthetic oil is definitely a more ecological choice as it cannot only potentially reduce the amount of oil waste, but it also provides incredible improvements for your engine that make it more efficient and lead to more earth friendly results. Use Amsoil full synthetic oil for the most incredible results in your engine, while saving the planet and your money, one simple choice at a time. Contact us this minute and find out how.

Factors That Affect How Environmentally Friendly Your Motor Oil Is

  • Where it comes from. Where your motor oil comes from can determine how it affects the environment. Conventional oil is derived directly from crude oil removed from the natural reserves of petroleum.  Not only is it tapping into many of the natural and soon to be scarce resources, but it also requires the use of many more large drilling machines and machinery, that add to the pollution problem. Full synthetic oil requires less of these natural resources as it is mostly made in the lab. The laboratory fused chemical elements that are used to create full synthetic oil result in a much more resilient and sturdier lubricant that is superior to conventional oil and less dependent on the scarce natural resources.
  • Duration. Basically, the sooner the oil needs to be removed, replaced and disposed of, the more oil there is being disposed of. Vehicles that use conventional oil will end up disposing of around five times more oil than those that use synthetic oil. Full synthetic oils such as Amsoil Signature Series don´t need to be changed for at least a year this means that under regular conditions a car using this type of motor oil can go about a year and a half and maybe two years without changing the oil. This not only means very a significant reduction in the amount of oil disposed of, but also a whole lot of savings for you.
  • How it is disposed of. One of the most crucial factors in regards to how much your motor oil is affecting the planet is how it is disposed of. When changing the oil yourself it is never ok to just dump the oil in the trash or through it down the drain. This greatly affects our waterways and pollutes our planet. Whether you use conventional, synthetic oil, or any other type, motor oil remains oil and the effects it can have on our groundwater and our planet is truly devastating. On April 22, is Earth day, make it a point to find a hazardous waste facility where you can dispose of the used motor oil safely, and switch to synthetic oil today.

Eliminate Frequent Oil Changes and Instead Get a Synthetic Oil Change in Altamonte Springs

Learn how to start saving by getting a synthetic oil change today. Save yourself money and time with less frequent oil changes, and help save the Earth, one smarter choice at a time. At Ken Reaser Enterprises, we want to make sure you make the best decisions for you and your engine. Call us at (321) 230-6958 and get Amsoil full synthetic oil, today.

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