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Are you wondering what articles to keep in your tank bag? Whether you are riding around the city or planning a long road trip, keeping some essentials in your tank bag can come in handy in a lot of unexpected situations. Learn more in this post by Ken Reaser Enterprises.

Motorcycle tank bags can be convenient. From keeping your day to day articles safe, tank bags can also be a great ally when heading on a long road trip. If you are thinking about planning your next big motorcycle adventure, this is the article for you. Ken Reaser Enterprises in Apopka, FL, has some suggestions on items you should keep in your tank bag when heading on the road.

A Flashlight

Especially in long road trips, driving can get long and extended, which can lead to you driving into the night. If this happens, ensure you have every tool available to ensure you are safe. Having a flashlight in your tank bag can come in handy when having to pull over during hours without sunlight. If you need to pull over to do a check-up, having a flashlight with you is the best item for the job. There are LED flashlights that come in small sizes and that are very economical. Remember to also carry an extra set of batteries in the case of your flashlight needing new ones.

Stay Connected and in Communication

No matter if you are planning a solo ride or a group ride, you should always ensure you have a device like your phone that can allow you to communicate. From sending a simple “I’m OK” text to being able to call for help in case of an accident or unexpected situation, having a communication device is essential. Having a GPS or navigation system is also a great thing to carry. You can use your phone, but using a separate device will not only prevent you from being without a guide but ensure your phone doesn’t run out of battery without reason.

Before going on the road, ensure your motorcycle is in top condition. Give your engine a synthetic oil change to prevent having problems on the road. AMSOIL’s 20W-50 Synthetic V-Twin Motorcycle Oil, your engine will be protected and will have a better performance. For more information, speak with a professional at Ken Reaser Enterprises in Apopka by calling (321) 230-6958.

Don’t Forget about Gloves

This will surely not seem like a shook, but keeping a pair of gloves is a must to ensure your comfort and protection. Gloves can come in handy depending on the weather condition. Gloves come in a lot of different fabrics and forms, but you can surely find them a space in your tank bag. It would be best if you also considered taking some doctor gloves or automotive gloves with you in case of needing to do some repairs or get your hands dirty while doing bike work.

A First Aid Kit

Ensuring your safety on the road should always be a priority. You should always make sure to have a first aid kit at hand. Having at least the basics can get you out of uncomfortable situations and ensure you are in good condition to keep going on your travels. From a headache to a stomach ache, ensure to have medicine that can help you feel better. Other important articles you should consider including are gauzes, bandages, safety pins, etc.

The best way to prevent any accident on the road is to ensure your motorcycle is in the best condition before starting your trip. Speak with a professional at Ken Reaser Enterpriser in Apopka and learn about fantastic AMSOIL products that can help you ensure your motorcycle is ready for adventure. Visit the online store or call (321) 230-6958 to learn about the benefits of a synthetic oil change.

Take a Tool Kit with You

No matter how long you are planning for your trip to be, having a tool kit is a definitive must. You don’t want to be stranded on the side of the road without being able to give your motorcycle a quick fix that can allow you to keep going. Having a tool kit in your tank bag will save you and get you out of unexpected trouble. A Multitool is always a good idea and a great article to have as it has different tools available. At the same time, make sure to take some basics with you like a screwdriver, a hex key, and an adjustable wrench, etc.


If you are going on a long road trip, your hygiene is something you shouldn’t forget about. Even if you are planning on stopping at different points or rest stops, having toiletries in your tank bag can’t hurt; on the contrary, it can be really convenient. Some articles that you can pack include sunscreen, a toothbrush, moisturizer, a towel, soap, shampoo, etc.

Ensure You Enjoy Your Motorcycle Adventure by Giving It Proper Maintenance before Heading on the Road

Along with packing the essentials in your tank bag, give your motorcycle a proper check-up. Learn about the benefits of a synthetic oil change and about the best products on the market for your engine. With AMSOIL’s 20W-50 Synthetic V-Twin Motorcycle Oil, your engine will be protected and ready for your trip. Speak with a professional at Ken Reaser Enterpriser in Apopka, FL, or call (321) 230-6958 for more information.

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