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Regardless of the car you drive, make sure to get good gas mileage by improving your driving efficiency and car maintenance. Learn more by reading this next post by Ken Reaser Enterprises in Apopka.

It goes without saying that rising fuel prices are a common concern among drivers. To that end, finding ways to expand your vehicle's fuel efficiency comes in handy these days. If you need suggestions to cut fuel expenses by keeping your car in great shape and achieving an efficient driving style, this post by Ken Reaser Enterprises in Apopka has listed 5 valuable tips for you!

Avoid Short-Distance Trips

Frequent short errands can have a significant impact on your fuel tank. Since your car's fluids take some time to warm up and circulate throughout the engine, going on short drives means running your vehicle on a cold and relatively dry engine. Moreover, your car's motor burns most of the gas when it starts; therefore, running it for frequent quick drives can lead you to rapid engine wear and waste of gas. Needless to say, short-distance driving is not fuel-efficient. To make the best use of your gas tank, make sure to run your car solely for long-distance trips; this way, you'll maximize your car's fuel economy by letting your engine reach its operational temperature. Furthermore, this driving style can also slow down your vehicle's wear and tear.

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Drive Smooth And Keep a Steady Speed

Being smooth with your vehicle's pedals is another fuel-efficient driving technique. Although some circumstances can make you go faster than usual, aggressive driving on public roads can be dangerous and inefficient. For instance, if you're late to work or an important meeting, accelerating will only lead you to step on the brake pedal at the nearest stoplight. To that end, any friction and heat change can cause stress inside your car's engine; moreover, sudden speed changes force your engine to work harder by burning more fuel. Thus, an efficient way to save some gas is to avoid putting the pedal to the metal.

Remove Weight From Your Vehicle

As can be expected, your vehicle has to burn more fuel in order to move more weight. Yet, many people keep heavy items in their vehicle's trunk, for instance, fitness equipment, camping gear, or even road-trip items. If you want to reduce your gas consumption, make sure to declutter your entire vehicle, especially your trunk. To this end, keep in mind that according to the Environmental Protection Agency, you are burning 1% less gas for every 100 pounds you take off your car.

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Check The Air Pressure of Your Tires

Your vehicle's entire weight relies on your tires' air pressure; therefore, it is essential to check them frequently with a tire gauge. You want to make sure each tire has optimum pressure to keep an efficient fuel consumption. To that end, be careful with over-inflated tires since they can decrease your car's traction, causing the engine's transmission to burn more fuel to handle the lack of grip. Likewise, deflated tires create more friction against the ground, also forcing your car's engine to burn more gas to move forward.

Maintain Your Air Filter Clean

Your engine needs air to burn fuel. Furthermore, your car relies on having an efficient air system to breathe and get the required oxygen for every combustion cycle. For this reason, it's essential to have an optimal air filter; without it, the engine is left open to dust, bugs, debris, and other obstructive particles that cause it to waste gas to run. To that end, burn the less fuel possible by inspecting your air filter regularly.

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