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The rising price of gas doesn’t mean that you have to lock your vehicle away and lose the enjoyment and convenience of vehicle ownership.

As the price of gas rises, more and more motorists are looking for ways to reduce their gas usage without sacrificing the convenience and enjoyment of owning a vehicle. Unfortunately, without a working knowledge of their engine, it can seem like an impossible task.

Lowering Your Gas Usage

Ken Reaser Enterprises knows how important it is for owners to make the most of their vehicle and its conveniences and has some easy-to-adopt tips and changes which can help keep you on the road while driving down your gas usage.

When to Use Your Air Conditioner

As soon as the temperature inside your vehicle becomes uncomfortable, you likely reach down and switch on the air conditioner. And while this will do a great job at quickly lowering the temperature, it can also use more gas than you would like.
  • The argument for the air conditioner: If you are driving at speed, like when you are cruising on the freeway, your air conditioner is the best choice. If you were to lower your windows while driving on the freeway, wind resistance would build up and, not only will your car be noisy, it’ll require your engine to work harder. If you’re on the freeway, use the A/C.
  • The argument for the windows: However, if you are driving around town at moderate speeds while you complete your errands, or you are making frequent stops and starts, lower your windows and let the air circulation generated from driving push the hot air out and introduce fresh air. When using your windows, be sure to lower your back windows slightly, to encourage air flow.

No More Warm Up

Over the course of a year, warming up your engine for 5 minutes each day means that your car is using gas while just sitting in your garage for over an entire day. All this time, wasting fuel. While you were taught to always warm up your vehicle each morning, in reality, you are actually warming up the conventional oil inside your engine. As the temperature drops overnight, conventional oil becomes thick and needs to be warmed up before it can return to a protective consistency. This not only requires you to waste fuel, but it also means that your engine isn’t being protected during the warm-up. Switching your conventional oil out for synthetic oil removes the need to warm up your engine each morning because synthetic oil has been purpose designed to maintain its protective consistency during cold temperatures. Not only does this mean that you save on fuel each morning, but that your engine is protected from the moment you switch on the ignition. Click here to buy Signature Series 0W-20 Synthetic Motor Oil and keep your gas usage in check with a synthetic oil change. To learn more about how a synthetic oil change in Apopka can improve your fuel economy and protect your engine, speak with a friendly professional by calling Ken Reaser Enterprises at (321) 230-6958 or visit the online store for more information.

Use Your Gears Wisely

As opposed to an automatic transmission, driving a manual transmission gives you greater control over your vehicle and its performance, including the amount of gas you use each day.
  • If you can see a red light or the need to slow down ahead, instead of shifting down through your gears and using the resistance to control your vehicle, take your foot off the gas and use your brakes to slow your vehicle.
  • When it comes time to start driving again, don’t push each of your gears until they are screaming to be shifted, and instead listen to when they are ready to be changed and change them.
These simple tips are great ways to reduce the instances of high RPM while driving. Each time that the RPM of your engine rises, your engine uses more fuel, but with these tips, you can curb these instances which occur regularly during your drive.

Smart Routes

It’s no surprise that driving fewer miles and sitting in traffic for less time each day is a great way to reduce your gas usage. However, don’t let this fool you into thinking that you have to give up your errands or the enjoyment of driving. Instead, use an online map service and locate where each of your errands is, and which ones are in close enough proximity to be done in one day or one trip, and:
  • Find the route between each errand which requires the least amount of miles to be driven.
  • Avoid known troublesome intersections to reduce time spent in traffic.
  • Look for alternate times of the day where traffic is less congested.
  • Identify a central place where you can park and walk to a number of errands.
Simply choosing smarter routes is an easy way to reduce the time spent on the road and at the gas station.

Further Improve Your Gas Usage with a Synthetic Oil Change in Apopka

In addition to these great tips, keeping your vehicle in good shape with basic maintenance like a synthetic oil change is an easy way to reduce your gas usage and, in the process, improve your engine performance. To place an order or to find out more, speak with an expert on the matter by calling Ken Reaser Enterprises at (321) 230-6958.

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