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Enjoy this lawn mowing season by keeping your riding mower in mint condition! Learn about your small engine’s basic care requirements with the following tips by Ken Reaser Enterprise in Apopka.

Mowing season is upon us! The high grass all over our backyards and gardens only means it's time to learn more about our riding lawn mowers. Like any other engine, your yard machine needs proper care and maintenance to run smoothly; to that end, here's a guide with tips by  Ken Reaser Enterprises in Apopka to keep your riding mower in top shape.

First, Look Through These Pre-Maintenance Suggestions

  • First, keep in mind that you'll be revisioning a machine with sharp blades; therefore, ensure your safety by removing the spark plug from your riding mower; that way, you can be sure the engine won't be able to start.
  • When in doubt, check on your operator's manual. Overall, this instructional book has the maintenance and cleaning requirements regarding your riding mower's engine model.
  • Every riding lawn mower has its maintenance schedules; however, if you don't have enough free time to meet those intervals, make sure to give your mower's engine a general check at least once every season.
  • Whenever you plan on cleaning your mower, do it after mowing.
  • Give your riding mower a thorough wash and inspection before putting it away for the winter.

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Check The Air Filter

Having a clean and efficient air filter is vital to keep your riding mower running. Imagine what would happen if your small engine were open to dust, pollen, bugs, or other air debris; needless to say, it would wear out and fail quickly. Therefore, remove the air filter and inspect it to ensure it's not clogged with accumulated dirt.

Inspect Engine's Main Fluids

Operating a riding lawn mower without proper fluid levels leads to friction, overheating, and engine failure. For that reason, avoid running a dry engine and look through its main fluids:
  • Engine Oil: Your small engine's moving parts would overheat and fail almost immediately without proper lubrication. Hence, check the engine oil's levels regularly to keep your mower well-lubricated.
  • Coolant: Low coolant levels lead to corrosion and engine overheating; therefore, ensure its mechanisms have proper coolant levels to work.
  • Transmission Oil: Since the transmission is a moving gear system, lubrication is vital to keep it strong and efficient. To that end, give its oil levels a frequent revision.

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Pay Close Attention to the Tires

Having well-kept tires is essential to maintain good traction, especially if you go uphill or downhill mowing large sloping lawns. Therefore, you can measure each tire's air pressure with a tire gauge. To that end, refer to your operator's manual to make sure your tires have the recommended operating pressure. Also, you can look for signs of air leaks by spraying your tires with soapy water. If you detect any bubbles, have your tires checked by an expert.

Keep Your Spark Plug in Good Shape

As mentioned above, your riding lawn mower can't operate without its spark plug. Each time you start the engine, the spark plug ignites the oxygen-fire combustion that powers your riding mower to move. However, the spark plug wears out quickly; for that reason, neglecting this small piece can lead to poor acceleration or trouble getting your mower started. To that end, here are simple steps to check your riding lawn mower's spark plug:
  1. First, make sure your engine is cool to remove the spark plug.
  2. Give it a thorough clean with a wire brush.
  3. Once the spark plug is clean, inspect it visually and look for signs of damage or wear, such as oily deposits at the tip of the insulator or a burned electrode.
  4. If the spark plug looks decent, measure its gap with a feeler gauge. Ensure the gap measure is the distance recommended in the operator's manual.
  5. If you notice signs of damage, replace the spark plug.

Clean The Underside of Your Mower

If you leave your mower's underside packed with grass and dirt after a whole season of lawn care, it can become rusty and obstructive to the blades, leading to diminished performance. Therefore, make sure to keep your mower free of corrosion and rust by following the cleaning instructions given in your operator's manual.

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