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At some point, every motorcycle owner has to transport their motorcycle. The thought of having to transport a motorcycle can be scary. However, learning about different methods to achieve this task can help you ensure your motorcycle arrives safely to its destination. Learn more in this article by Ken Reaser Enterprises in Apopka, FL.

Are you thinking about transporting your motorcycle? As a motorcycle owner, ensuring your motorcycle is safe and in good condition is surely a priority. Therefore, choosing the best method to transport your prized possession is crucial. If you are looking for different methods for achieving this task, this article is for you. Learn more about this topic by reading this article that Ken Reaser Enterprises in Apopka, FL, has for you today.

Moving Truck

If you are short of time and need a fast and safe solution for transporting your motorcycle, renting a moving truck is the answer. A moving truck will allow you to safely transport your motorcycle while keeping it enclosed and free from the elements. Moving trucks are usually equipped with a ramp that will make the loading process very easy. If the truck doesn’t have a ramp, you can easily build your own ramp using a wooden plank.


Using a van to transport a motorcycle is a very common method for transporting a motorcycle. If you don’t own a van, renting one is an option. If you choose to use this method, start bu measuring your motorcycle and the van to ensure it will fit properly. You feel need some pieces of equipment to secure your motorcycle. These include a motorcycle ramp, some tow straps, blankets, cardboard, etc

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Shipping a Motorcycle

If you plan on shipping your motorcycle overseas, start by looking into different companies that offer this service. This service can be expensive, so it’s best to ask for different estimates and see which one fits your budget. After hiring the services, ensure you have all the vital documents; this will ensure everything is in order when picking up your motorcycle. Also, take pictures of your bike before shipping it, to be safe.

Motorcycle Carrier

This method is one of the preferred methods to transport a bike amongst motorcycle riders. Similar to a tow dolly, motorcycle carriers also attach to the back of your car. The biggest difference is that, when using a motorcycle carrier, the motorcycle sits sideways and is completely lifted off the ground. If you choose to use the method, remember to be very careful while driving. Additionally, ensure to properly securing the motorcycle to the carrier is vital.

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Tow Dolly

If you don’t know how a tow dolly works, here is a quick explanation. A tow dolly is a sturdy piece of metal that allows you to transport different vehicles safely. The tow dolly lifts your motorcycle's front wheel, attaching it to the back of your car. In comparison to other methods, using a tow dolly is considered one of the more affordable ones. You can rent a tow dolly and use to for the period of time you need.

Before Transporting Your Motorcycle

There is nothing better to ensure your motorcycle’s safety than by giving it some simple maintenance before transportation. Take a look at your motorcycle and ensure there aren’t any pieces that could fall off during transportation. Also, inflate your tires to the recommended PSI. If you rented a van, tow dolly, carrier, or hired any service, make sure you have all the paperwork in order. Also, take some tools and equipment with you if you need to do some repairs along the way.

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For more advice on safely transporting your motorcycle, speak with a professional at Ken Reaser Enterprises. Ask about amazing products to keep your engine protected like AMSOIL's 15W-50 Synthetic Metric Motorcycle Oil. For information on the benefits of a synthetic oil change in Apopka, FL, visit the online store or call (321) 230-6958 today.

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