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Riding during the winter months requires a lot of caution and preparation. However, venturing on your bike during winter can be very enjoyable. Learn how to prepare for winter riding by riding this article that Ken Reaser Enterprises in Apopka has for you.

Are you considering whether to ride or not to ride your motorcycle this winter? The cold weather poses additional threats to riding, which causes many riders to store their motorcycles for a few months. However, by making some small adjustments to your bike and being cautious, riding through winter can be very enjoyable. Learn how to prepare for winter riding by reading this article by Ken Reaser Enterprises in Apopka.

Prep Your Motorcycle

  • Lights: Having good visibility on the road is essential. Therefore, start by checking your lights. Adjust the headlights, both the main beam and the dip, for proper performance. Clean any dirt or crud and replace any light if necessary.
  • Battery: Batteries have a hard time during winter due to being exposed to cold temperatures. The cold causes the chemical reaction that happens inside the battery to slow down. Before venturing on your motorcycle, check the resisting voltage of the battery. If the reading indicates at least 12.6v, the battery is in good condition. Make sure to lightly grease the terminals of the battery and ensure all the connections are tight.
  • Oil change: The best way to ensure your engine works at its best capacity is by giving it an oil change. Moto oil ensures that all components work properly, which is essential when riding. Visit your local mechanic and give your engine an oil change before any adventure.
  • Tires: Cold weather means cold tires. When tires are cold, traction becomes limited. Therefore,m take some time to add heat to your tires before heading out. To do so, accelerate and decelerate for a while, being mindful of traction. Also, ensure the tires have proper tread for winter riding.

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Wear the Correct Gear

This should go without saying, but wearing the correct gear is essential. Winter puts a lot more strain on your body, so wearing the necessary items can make a huge difference. Being warm on the road is all about layering. Start with a base layer (full sleeve, full leg) and follow with your winter suit. You can add more layers in between if necessary. Keep your hands warm by wearing thick gloves. Many riders choose to wear glove base layers or even gloves with heated grips. Wear a tightly-sealed helmet as well as a neck warmer. Last but not least, make sure to choose the correct boots for the job and thick socks.

Check the Weather

Always check the weather before leaving the house. It's best to avoid riding when it snows. Snow enables bad road conditions as it often creates ice patches and black snow, which reduces grip. Never overestimate your abilities. Even the most experienced riders can end up in a dangerous situation. It's best to skip a trip than to put yourself and your motorcycle in danger.

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Increase Your Visibility

riding through winter requires having more visibility and following distance. Look further down the road to recognize any hazards before they happen. Also, leave a few car lengths of space ahead of you, so you have enough time to react to any unexpected situation. As mentioned before, due to the cold weather, traction and grip will be limited, so you need to be extra careful and react quickly.

Your Wellbeing Comes First

Paying attention to your wellbeing always comes first. Being exposed to cold temperatures demands a lot of your body. Your body has to work a lot harder to keep itself warm, which means you will lose energy and feel tired a lot quicker. Plan many rests stops along the way. Stay hydrated and eat many healthy snacks to help you regain your energy.

Prepare to Ride through Winter by Giving Your Engine a Synthetic Oil Change in Apopka

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