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How to Prevent the Need to Flush Your Engine

There are many necessary maintenance routines that are truly important to keep your car in good conditions. By now you are well aware, that at the top of the list of essential routine maintenance, is oil checks and oil changes. However, If you are well informed, you might be sold on other so called ¨maintenance¨  procedures that are actually not needed in all cases and sometimes even risky. That is why at Ken Reaser Enterprises we want to talk about engine flushes and when to avoid them.

What Is Done During an Engine Flush

Engine flushes are done after the oil is drained and a strong chemical is introduced to flush out all the gunk and leftover agents that may be stuck inside the engine. It may be a needed procedure in some very rare instances and may help very old engines that have suffered long periods of negligence and lack of maintenance but most cars do not need it.

Engine Flushes Are Rarely Needed

Avoid accepting an unnecessary engine flush. A lot of oil change shops may offer them at a discount price along with your oil change but this ¨discount procedure¨ can be very expensive if your car does not actually need it. If you always follow the recommended time frame for oil changes and don´t seem to have problems with your engine then you will rarely need an engine flush.

Use Synthetic Oil to Avoid Needing an Engine Flush

The single best way to keep your engine fresh, clean, and far from the need of engine flushes and other fixes is to always use great quality synthetic oil. The many benefits of synthetic oil include, prolonged engine life, quick engine response in all kinds of driving conditions, and less frequent oil changes.

Synthetic Oil Can Help Keep Your Engine Clean

Due to the resistant formula of synthetic oil, it will react promptly and effectively  in extreme cold weather and intense heat without losing valuable properties. Full synthetic oil also provides added benefits such as cleaning agents that prevent dirt and other foreign particles that may come in contact with the engine from building up or sticking to the engine parts.

Use Amsoil Synthetic Oil for Best Results

Do not settle for any type of synthetic oil. Amsoil oil is a first rate quality synthetic oil that performs like no other, and will exceed all expectations. Contact us now, to find out more about how to care for your vehicle and prolong your engine durability. Call (321) 230-6958 today.

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