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Differences Between a Two-Stroke and Four-Stroke Dirt Bike

Dirt bikes are a great deal of fun and can be the perfect sport for some. Yet, as fun as they are they still require care and regular maintenance. We previously gave some advice on how to keep your dirt bike safe and in better shape. However, not all dirt bikes are the same and their lubrication needs vary. So, today we want to further discuss this topic and dig a little more into the differences between a two-stroke and four-stroke dirt bike.

Two-Stroke Dirt Bikes vs. Four-Stroke Dirt Bikes

The two types of dirt bike engines you will find are: two-stroke and four-stroke and each has its own pros and cons. There are several debates out there that try to convince you that one is better than the other but that´s not the point. They each have their advantages and depending on what you are looking for one may be better than the other for your specific needs. It is all a matter of perspective and preference. What is a fact, is that each engine, is designed with different capabilities and different needs and therefore require different types of lubrication to protect against the friction and other harmful factors they face.

Two-Stroke Dirt Bike Engine

Two stroke engines have a reputation for being quite powerful, lighter weight and easier to maintain. The two-stroke engine has a simpler functioning process than a four-stroke dirt bike. They rely on a spark plug that ignites the engine, which in turn fires on every crankshaft revolution. This simpler functioning design is what provides it with a more lightweight capacity and makes them faster. On the downside, this can also make it somewhat unstable in power delivery, making it difficult to ride and control.  Also, even though two stroke bikes are easier to maintain they also require more frequent maintenance.

The Lubrication Needs of a Two-Stroke Dirt Bike

Two stroke dirt bikes have very special fuel and lubrication needs. The motor oil in this type of engine needs to be mixed with gasoline and it lubricates as fuel burns. There are two main types of lubricants available: injector-safe and pre-mix. Injector safe motor oil can be added directly to the deposit and it will internally mix with the fuel when it is in function. Pre-mix lubricants need to be mixed with gasoline previously to its insertion into the engine. It is extremely crucial that you consult the owner´s manual to know what is the appropriate lubricant for your specific dirt bike model. It is also necessary that you know the fuel to oil ration and that you always follow the recommendations.

Quality Lubrication for Your Dirt Bike

Regardless of the type of engine you have you should always use the best quality lubricant. AMSOIL synthetic oil has the ideal motor oil for your two-stroke or four-stroke bike. The strong resilience to all kinds of severe conditions makes AMSOIL synthetic oil the most powerful lubricant on the market. Contact Ken Reaser Enterprises now, and start using the best products in your two-stroke or four-stroke dirt bike today.

Four-Stroke Dirt Bikes

The four stroke engine is a little more complex than the two-stroke dirt bike engine. It has a different a different function process that involves more work. Unlike the two stroke engine that only works on compression and combustion, the four stroke engine must work on intake, compression, combustion and exhaust. Its heavier workload means more complex parts that require more demanding maintenance. However, the good thing is that the parts are usually very sturdy and don´t require maintenance as often. Another thing to consider is that these type of engines fire once every two evolution of the crankshaft which can make them a little less fast but a lot more stable than a two-stroke. It also means that four-stroke dirt bikes can be a lot easier to ride on tough trails because they have greater power and more effortless to ride. However, the more complete engine structure also makes them somewhat heavier.

Four-Stroke Engine Lubrication

The lubrication needs of a four-stroke engine are similar to a car engine because they use motor oil that also comes in grades. There are several brands, kinds, oil grades and varieties of motor oils available for four-stroke dirt bikes. It is important to use the oil grade that your manufacturer recommends. Some manufacturers will list a range of oil grades that you should use according to the weather temperatures. It is important that you pay attention to these guidelines and follow them. Also remember to check the oil before taking out your dirt bike for a ride. Lubrication is the most crucial part of your dirt bike´s maintenance. Yet, there are also other things you need to take care of such as the tires and other areas. Read Honda´s basic maintenance recommendations, here.

Dirt Bike Synthetic Oil Change in Lockhart

The type of oil you put in your dirt bike really makes a difference in the performance and life-span capacity. Make sure you always choose the best lubricants for your dirt bike's engine. Choose AMSOIL and experience the difference today. Contact Ken Reaser Enterprises for the best synthetic oil for your dirt bike change. Call them now at (321) 230-6958.

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