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Synthetic oil has become an important component in the lubrication industry and everyday it proves to be more and more essential to the maintenance and performance of all types of vehicles and machines. However it didn´t start out that way. Today at Ken Reaser Enterprises we want to further discuss the history of synthetic oil and how it came to be such an important product.

Early Discoveries in the Journey to Create Synthetic Oil

Around the end of the 1800s there was some research and testing being done in regards to synthetic lubrication. Charles Friedel and James Mason Crafts were a team of chemists that worked on this project and soon were able to synthesize hydrocarbons by using aluminum trichloride as a catalyst. Hydrocarbons are what make up the main component of petroleum and they are compounds consisting of solely hydrogen and carbon. While the most simple forms of hydrocarbons are are only gases at regular temperatures, as the molecular weight increases they can become liquid and eventually solid.

Synthetic Oil Becomes a Reality

Later in Germany, Friedrich Bergius created the process for Hydrogenation, that would allow synthetic oil to be made out of coal. Soon after, in 1921 a barrel of synthetic oil was produced using a ton of shale rock, it was the Standard Oil Company in USA that did this, and by 1929 they had commercialized the process and could make several gallons. However, because at the time there was no real demand for the product the attempt to produce this product was not successful. Now a days the many improvements that synthetic oil can bring to an engine are well known. No motor oil compares to Amsoil 100% synthetic oil. Visit our online store or contact us directly to learn more about what products best suit the needs of your vehicle.

Jet Engines Needed a Better Type of Motor oil

As the second World War closed in and aircrafts became more essential, so did engine lubrication. Germans and American troops needed an improved and reliable engine oil that could withstand the harsh conditions that many pilots faced. For one, the cold winter weather caused many jet engines to have trouble working properly specially when it came to starting. During winter mornings it was very difficult to start the engines because the motor oil would thicken and solidify, not providing enough lubrication for the engine to start working correctly.

Synthetic Oil is First Used in Jet Engines

When the jet engines worked for longer periods and the heat inside the engine increased, the motor oil would tend to break down and not work adequately to provide the proper lubrication the jet engines needed, causing constant maintenance requirements. All of this pushed the industry to create a synthetic oil that could be effectively used in the jet engines and soon both German and American aircraft were using synthetic oil.

Many Improvements Experienced With Synthetic Oil

The results where immediate, the jet engines could now start without any problems as synthetic oil would resist better against cold temperatures and remain liquid. Also, the heat that would accumulate in the engine no longer caused problems and the synthetic oil was strong enough to with stand very high degrees without suffering deterioration. Another important factor was also observed, the soil and soot that the engines had built up from the constant use and breakdown of the previous motor oil, was easily eliminated and often removed when the engines started using synthetic oil. This also helped prevent soot blockage and other problems in the engine, facilitating all maintenance jobs that the jet engines required. To learn more about the incredible benefits that today´s synthetic oil can provide for your vehicle, visit our previous post here.

Amsoil First Full Synthetic Oil to Meet API Standards

The jet engines gave synthetic oil a chance to prove its value and demonstrate its importance. Albert J. Amatuzio, was a lieutenant colonel and jet fighter squadron commander, he was able to analyse closely all the advantages and improvements that the jet engines experienced after they used synthetic oil. He became fascinated by how reliable this new type of motor oil had been when used in jet engines and realized that it would be most useful for cars and internal combustion engines. Near the mid 1960s Al Amatuzio began distributing synthetic oil commercially and by 1972 AMSOIL had obtained the API approval for being the first full synthetic oil to meet all API service requirements.

Experience Many Benefits With a Synthetic Oil Change in Orlando

Amsoil remains the best and most trustworthy synthetic oil on the market. It continues to improve and provide the best in synthetic lubrication for all sorts of vehicles from cars to motorcycles and even boats and other types of machines. Call us today at (321) 230-6958 to purchase the highest quality synthetic oil for your next synthetic oil change.

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