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We previously discussed how you can avoid an engine flush by using synthetic oil in our post titled Synthetic Oil Prevents the Need of an Engine Flush. Today at Ken Reaser Enterprises we want to discuss some more things you do not have to worry about when using synthetic oil. There are actually many more but we will focus on just three of those things you don´t have to worry about.

When Using Synthetic Oil You Don´t Worry About the Following

  1. Oil degrading prematurely. This basically means that when you use synthetic oil you do not have to worry about it breaking down in harsh driving conditions. Unlike conventional motor oils that can easily decompose and loose important properties in the heat and when faced with other factors, synthetic oil is much more resistant to all sorts of conditions.
  2. Engine wear at start up.  Most engine wear is caused by cold start ups or forcing your engine to work without proper lubrication. If using conventional motor oil your vehicle will be exposed to harmful cold starts in the winter and even in regular days because oil automatically cools and thickens overnight when the engine is not in use and the temperature drops. Synthetic oil reacts much sooner and efficiently even in the cold winter mornings because its synthetic properties allow it to respond to the engine without long warm up periods.
  3. Religious oil changes. Having to change your oil religiously every 3,000 miles is a thing of the past when you use synthetic oil. Synthetic oil has many properties that allow it to preserve and maintain all its beneficial qualities a lot longer than most oils and can. It lasts longer and offers better protection saving you time and money in frequent oil changes.

Synthetic Oil Change in Apopka, FL

To start experiencing these and many other benefits of synthetic oil contact us today. Use Amsoil synthetic oil to care for your engine and see how great your engine behaves. Do not delay the benefits of synthetic oil any longer  start using synthetic oil today. Contact us now to find out more we are always happy to answer any questions you may have. Call us at (321) 230-6958.

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