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Synthetic lubricants and the difference between racing oil and street oil. Drag racing oil vs. circle track racing and traditional racing oil. 

The Right Lubricant Ensures the Protection of Your Engine

Good lubrication is a must for all types of vehicles and engines. The key to creating greater horsepower, better performance, and longer durability is to always use the right lubricant for the job. You need to consider the workload of the engine, the conditions it faces, and the demand that will be placed on it. To illustrate this we want to discuss the differences between street oil, regular racing oil, and drag racing oil.

Different Engine Needs Require Different Lubricants

Depending on the use that your vehicle faces it will need different attributes from a lubricant and will require protection from different factors. That is exactly why you shouldn´t rely on the same lubricant for a vehicle with a different demand. Synthetic oil is always the best option no matter what kind of lubricant you are looking for because its molecular composition provides the most advantages. Yet, choosing a synthetic lubricant is only the first step, you then need to select one for the correct application. Whether for street use or racing and even for racing applications there are different varieties.

Not Every Racing Oil is the Same

Even amongst racing oils, there are differences in the additive packages based on the type of race that your vehicle participates in. For example, circle track races and drag races each place different demands on the engine.

Traditional Racing Oil Vs. Drag Racing Oil

  • Traditional and circle track racing. Circle track racing is a lot more demanding when it comes to high-temperature lubrication. The engine faces extremely intensified temperatures because it is under increasing pressure for a longer period all while withstanding a high demand of traction and speed. Circle track racing and traditional racing vehicles need thicker viscosity motor oil that will not thin out and that will protect the engine against the increasing heat and wear. For example, Amsoil´s DOMINATOR 15W-50 oil is perfect for high-performance racing and has a strong resistance to viscosity loss. It is created for the longer duration races that can lead to extreme heat in the engine.
  • Drag racing. Drag racing, on the other hand, is the least demanding when it comes to high-temperature lubrication. In drag racing, there is very little or none warm-up at all then a short burn-out and finally a short straight drive at full speed. Yes, the high speed demands a lot more from the engine but the distance isn´t enough to heat the oil all that much. Engines that are only exposed to drag racing do not require a very high viscosity lubricant. Instead, they need an immediate acting lubricant that can circulate and protect all the parts quickly and against the higher friction created by the fast speeds the engine must reach.  AMSOIL´s DOMINATOR 5W-20 Racing Oil is perfect for drag races because it provides the ideal anti-wear properties and the perfect viscosity for fast lubrication circulation. It enhances horsepower by efficiently fighting off friction and allowing your vehicle to reach higher speeds. Get in touch with Ken Reaser Enterprises today and purchase the ideal racing oil for your engine. Click here for their contact information.

Additive Packages Make the Biggest Difference

Lubricants are each manufactured for specific intended uses and their additive packages can make all the difference. For example, street use oil has more detergents and dispersants in their additive package because regular vehicles get oil changes around every 4,000-6,000 miles. Race engines require more frequent maintenance. Their oil changes are very regular, that is why they don´t need that in their additive package. Yet, they need other things that regular cars don´t like more high-pressure anti-wear additives.

Racing Oil is Not For Street Use and Street Oil Cannot Protect Race Engines Efficiently

Although racing oils can truly enhance the performance of the engine, they can only do so under those specific racing conditions and not necessarily in less demanding environments. That is why it is important to select the right lubricant as each can enhance different areas and provide the protection that is adequately needed. Using a racing oil for street use can actually place your engine in danger because it is not formulated for normal conditions. The opposite is also true, regular motor oil comes very short when it comes to protecting a race engine and would expose it to breakdown.

The Best Lubricants for Every Kind of Synthetic Oil Change in Orlando

Whether it is for drag racing, street use, or trucks with constant heavy loads, you will find just what you need at Ken Reaser Enterprises. Call them at (321) 230-6958 and ask about AMSOIL synthetic lubricants.

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