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If you won't be riding your motorcycle during these freezing winter days, you should winterize it. To learn how to do it properly, read this post by Ken Reaser Enterprises in Apopka, FL.

How to Winterize Your Motorcycle

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Mind the Fuel

A surprising thing you will need to keep in mind if you will be putting your motorcycle away for the winter months, is its fuel. This is because, if you don't end up using all of the fuel in its tank before storing it, by the time spring comes along, it will become stale. This can result in your components being seriously damaged by it if you run your motorcycle on that old fuel when spring arrives. To prevent that, you can empty the gas tank completely beforehand. Alternatively, you could fill it up with new fuel, and use a stabilizer to keep it intact for spring.

Prepare the Battery

Your motorcycle's battery is a key team player in making sure it works correctly. For that reason, it is imperative that you prepare it appropriately for the winter, as you wouldn't want it to be dysfunctional after such a long idle period. To that end, you should do the following:
  • for one, detach it from the motorcycle in its entirety
  • then, you will need to designate a dry space where you can keep it protected from the elements
  • lastly, you will need to keep the battery charged during the winter months. To make it happen, Cycle World recommends getting a motorcycle-specific trickle charger that has a monitor

Replace the Synthetic Oil and Filter

If you're aware of how your motorcycle works, then you know just how important the engine is for it. And if you know this, then you know that to maintain the engine in top shape, you need to care for its synthetic oil. The synthetic oil is in charge of lubricating and protecting the moving components in the engine, smoothing out its processes, reducing the friction between them, and elongating their life expectancy. However, after time and use, the synthetic oil and the oil filter stop working as expected. If you want to ensure your motorcycle will be ready to be ridden come springtime, replace the synthetic oil and filter before storing it away.

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Take Care of the Other Fluids

While the synthetic oil is an essential part of your motorcycle's maintenance, it's not the only fluid that you need to be mindful of if you want to keep your motorcycle working perfectly. In fact, as any other liquid that's subjected to freezing temperatures, the motorcycle's fluids can freeze over as it's stored away. To make sure this won't interfere with your motorcycle rides, it's necessary that you check the anti-freeze before you store your motorcycle. If it's not in great condition, replace it or top it off, so the motorcycle fluids aren't affected during the winter.

Clean It Thoroughly

A tip that will guarantee your motorcycle will be in perfect shape after months of being stored away, is to clean it thoroughly before you do. Though you may think that allowing filth to sit on your motorcycle for months isn't a big deal, the opposite is true. Filth and gunk can eat away at it, making a big difference in how it performs and how long it works. To avoid premature wear and tear, clean it thoroughly and wax it, so it won't rust or waste away while it's in storage.

Store It Properly

As a last tip, if you want your motorcycle to perform well once you start riding it again, then you need to do a good job at storing it away for the winter. To guarantee that it is, it's recommended that you do the following:
  • find a place for it where you know it will be safe from the elements (for example, your garage)
  • cover it with a sturdy tarp that can keep moisture, dirt, and bugs away from it
  • to make sure that no small animals or bugs will make the exhaust pipes their home, block them properly
  • use a stand to keep your motorcycle, so its tires won't flatten or get damaged after months of disuse

Call Ken Reaser Enterprises at (321) 230-6958 or visit AMSOIL's online shop to place an order on the most effective motorcycle synthetic oil in Apopka, FL.


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