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Many people shy away from synthetic oil because of stories or myths they believe to be true. It's too pricey, it will damage my engine, and it's not worth the buzz are just some of these myths. Here are some things you shouldn't believe about synthetic motor oil.

False Beliefs About Synthetic Motor Oil

If there is one thing that can improve your vehicle’s performance, it's motor oil. Oil is like blood pumping through your car’s engine. You have plenty of options to choose, including regular oil, racing oil, marine oil, synthetic blends, and synthetic oil. With so many options to choose from, motor oil myths are bound to come up. Many of them are based on truth, but are tales nonetheless. Among those false stories, you’ll hear plenty more about synthetic oil. If those urban legends are what’s keeping you from enjoying synthetic oil’s superior lubricating properties, this post might help convince you to get that synthetic oil change in Apopka at last.

Synthetic Oil is Completely Man-Made

Synthetic oil goes through a much stricter refining process than conventional oil. Its molecules are manipulated into a uniform shape, which gives it its outstanding lubricating power. Conventional and synthetic oil both share the same natural base oil, but the purifying process and additive mixes are different.

You Need to Break in Your Engine With Conventional Oil Before You Switch to Synthetic Oil

Today’s vehicles don’t require a break-in period like cars in the past did. Earlier models needed a break-in oil to remove metals and abrasive materials from the engine. You can use synthetic oil at any point. In case you’re interested, AMSOIL has a Break-In Oil (SAE 30) meant for high-performance and racing engines requiring SAE 30 oil.

Synthetic Oil Is Not Worth the Higher Price

Synthetic oil is pricier than conventional oil, that’s a fact. If you give it a try, you’ll realize that it’s worth every last penny. The advantages and benefits make up for the higher price in the long run. Synthetic oil gives you a better gas mileage because your engine doesn’t have to work as hard to keep the car moving. This means that your vehicle burns less fuel. Your oil change intervals become longer. Instead of changing your oil four times a year, you only have to do it twice. Synthetics perform better under extreme conditions, be it extreme cold or extreme heat. Your engine receives constant protection, which results in excellent performance. If you add it up, a synthetic oil change turns out to be the most convenient option. Try it for yourself by switching to AMSOIL Synthetic Oil. Call Ken Reaser Enterprises in Apopka at (321) 230-6958 to purchase everything you need for your car’s lubrication needs. Alternatively, you can visit AMSOIL’s online store to learn all about their products and make your purchase.

Synthetic Oil Makes Engines Leak

If you notice that your engine starts leaking after you get a synthetic oil change, it’s not the oil’s fault; the leak was already there. Conventional oil promotes sludge buildup, which acts as a sealant for small cracks. Synthetic oil is thinner than conventional, and it will be able to pass through those small cracks in the seals and gaskets. Furthermore, synthetic oil will remove that built up sludge, revealing any existing leak. Synthetics may show something that was already there and you hadn’t noticed, but they won’t damage your engine and cause it to leak.

Synthetic Motor Oil Lasts Forever

No oil will last forever. Motor oil needs to be replaced every certain amount of time, even synthetic motor oil. One of the many benefits of synthetic oil is that it lasts for longer periods. Your owner's manual indicates how often you should change your oil. Usually, it refers to using conventional oil.  However, synthetic oil will give your engine more protection for a longer time between oil changes. It won’t magically fix all your engine trouble, but it will provide superior protection for longer intervals.  AMSOIL’s  XL 5W-30 Synthetic Motor Oil can last for up to 10,000 miles before it needs to be replaced. It’s not forever, but it is a long time.

Synthetic Oil is Compatible With All Engines

Synthetic oil goes along great with many engines. There’s a synthetic option for marine engines, racing engine, motorcycle engines, among many others. However, some engines are not compatible with synthetic oil, for instance, rotary engines. Be sure that your vehicle doesn’t have one by consulting your owner’s manual before you need to change your oil.

There's No Going Back After a Synthetic Oil Change

Choosing not to go back to conventional oil after using synthetic oil is completely up to you. If oil manufacturers sell synthetic blends, it makes no sense that you couldn’t switch from one oil to the other. As long as the oil you choose meets the service and viscosity requirements that your vehicle demands, you can use any oil you wish.

Synthetic Oil Will Make My Vehicle’s Warranty Void

Using synthetic oil won’t make your warranty void. Using an oil option that doesn’t meet the required industry standards, however, will. Synthetics sometimes surpass these requirements. Just be sure to use the appropriate oil for your vehicle.

Make the Switch to Synthetic Motor Oil in Apopka

Regardless of all the false stories you hear about synthetic oil, one thing can’t be denied: there’s nothing like it regarding automotive protection. Make the switch to synthetics by investing in an AMSOIL Synthetic Oil change. You can call Ken Reaser Enterprises at (321) 230-6958 to order your supplies and get special recommendations in Apopka or check out their online store.

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