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Synthetic Oil For Better Engine Protection Against Sludge

There are many ways to care for your vehicle and many factors that you should protect it against. The heat, friction, bad driving habits and sludge problems are some of the elements that your vehicle confronts every day and it needs protection against all of them. However, some of these factors are triggered and intensified by certain conditions and most can be prevented.  Today we want to focus on sludge and how it can be prevented and even eliminated from your engine.

What is Sludge Buildup and How Does it Affect Your Vehicle?

Sludge is  basically oil that has clumped or thickened to form a gooey gel-like paste. Sludge will accumulate and can start to clog different areas of the engine making it hard for the engine to perform correctly. If the problem persists then it will lead to severe engine failure and probably require an extensive repair or replacement. The best thing to do is to prevent sludge buildup and detect it on time in order to avoid serious damage.

Synthetic Oil Prevents Sludge Buildup and Helps Eliminate it

The most general cause for sludge is the oil´s inability to withstand severe temperatures. Regular motor oil is much more prone to sludge build up because of its weaker structure and its base composition. Its viscosity can become easily altered by the heat and this can result in a lack of friction protection and higher abrasion between the parts. That abrasion leads to tiny metal particles chipping off which add even more contaminants to the oil. Synthetic oil is the best option for preventing sludge because it is not affected by the extreme heat or cold, and will hardly ever form sludge. Instead, its special formula cleans out the engine and allows it to absorb and remove sludge. The sludge is then trapped in the oil filter as the synthetic oil continues to flow. Replacing the oil filter and getting a synthetic oil change is the easiest and most assertive solution to all sludge problems. Contact us now and select quality Amsoil products for your synthetic oil change.

Other Factors That Create Sludge Buildup and How to Avoid Them

  • Contaminants affect the oil and lead to a higher chance of sludge. As a result of condensation and moisture, traces of water can make their way into the oil and make it more likely to create sludge. Dirt, dust and other filthy particles that get into the oil also facilitate sludge buildup. The summer trips the beach and other road conditions can contribute to sand and dirt making its way inside the engine. This summer, have the engine rinsed and wash the inside of the hood as well as the outside.
  • If the crankcase ventilation system is not working properly it could cause greater amounts of sludge in your engine. If for any reason you start to experience sludge problems it may be a good idea to have this area checked out.
  • Idling and short trips also contribute to the problem by preventing the oil flow from fully and efficiently running through the engine. Avoid running very short errands on your vehicle. Instead, plan out your errands and get three or two of those short trips done at once. Or if it is really close by it might be a good idea to walk or ride a bike. This not only prevents sludge buildup and other problems but it also increases the fuel efficiency of your vehicle. For more ideas on how to reduce gasoline pollution and improved fuel economy visit our previous post, here.
  • Do not run your engine on very dirty and old oil. Using poor quality oil and not changing the oil as needed are the most common and recurring causes for sludge buildup. When you let the oil wear out without replacing it, all the dirt and contaminants it has accumulated will start to affect it and cause it to clump and become sludge. Not to mention that during the summer the heat easily burns out cheap oil that has worn out.
  • Running your engine on low oil levels also causes sludge buildup, among other damage. Never drive with very low amounts of oil as this will also contribute to sludge build up and potentially cause the engine to break down. Carry with you a bottle of Amsoil synthetic oil in case your oil levels start to drop and you need to add more immediately.

Let Your Vehicle Benefit From a Synthetic Oil Change in Lockhart

This summer is the perfect time to get your car looking and driving like new. Be sure to clean it from the inside out starting with a synthetic oil change. Contact Ken Reaser Enterprises today at (321) 230-6958 and buy the right products to keep your engine looking and feeling great.  

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