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Synthetic Oil Helps Decrease Gasoline Use and Pollution

There are many advantages to using synthetic oil in your engine. We previously discussed how synthetic oil can be a more environmentally friendly choice. We talked about the importance of reducing motor oil waste, and today, we want to mention another way that synthetic oil can assist the planet and improve your engine, all while helping you save money.

Gasoline Byproducts Cause Substancial Air Pollution

Although motor oil is an essential fluid and it is needed to keep the engine working well, the fluid that most constantly runs out and that powers the movement of the vehicle is gasoline. Gasoline must regularly be added to the vehicle in order for it to take us places. The problem is that as gasoline is used it  burns off and produces toxic byproducts that make its way into the environment and cause air pollution. The more gasoline that is consumed the more nocive byproducts that are released. Carbon dioxide is one of the gases released when the gasoline is burned up. This type of gas is among the culprits for the extreme global climate changes that are more and more common every year.

How Does Synthetic Oil Improve Fuel Economy?

Since most cars require gasoline to run, it is very difficult that we will be able to stop consuming gasoline altogether, but there are ways to reduce it without having to walk or bike everywhere. Using a synthetic oil can improve fuel efficiency, preventing gasoline from being wasted and evaporated into the air, not to mention that it saves you money. Through its highly efficient lubricating abilities, synthetic oil reduces the friction and resistance created among the moving pieces in the engine. This makes the engine carry out all processes more efficiently and reduces the amount of gasoline it needs to fuel the movement of the vehicle. The use of full synthetic oil can result in around 3-5% fuel savings. This may not seem like a huge amount, but in a year, it can result in the savings of around 80 liters which is still a significant amount. If you consider that about 60-80 liters of fuel can be saved a year per car, the results would make a positive impact leading to less air pollution and more savings. At Ken Reaser Enterprises we belive that even small changes can make a huge difference, so don´t wait to start saving today. Start using Amsoil synthetic oil and contact us now or go to our Amsoil online store to purchase the best synthetic oil for your engine.

Avoid Leaks for Reduced Gasoline Waste

Although in a more minor degree, gasoline leaks can also contribute to the pollution and waste of gasoline. Gasoline leaks can be especially dangerous because with the heat the gasoline evaportes from the ground, directly into the atmosphere. Gasoline leaks can happen inside your vehicle when there is hose or any seal that has worn out or ripped. Constantly check under your vehicle for any loss of fluids and if you notice that your engine is consuming more gasoline that usual have it checked out to see if there is a leak that may be responsible for this. Another more common type of leak happens when you fill your tank at the gasoline station.

Tips for Reducing Gasoline Drips at a Gas Station

Many of us are in a rush when we go to fill our tanks and we find ourselves placing the nozzle and quickly pulling it out of our gas tank as soon as we see the amount reached. This can cause gasoline to leak from the nozzle and into the ground when we pull it out and these leaks although they may seem minor and insignificant, can greatly add up as more and more customers do the same thing. All those tiny drops of gasoline that fall from the nozzle and into the ground will evaporate quickly by the heat and making its way into the air we breathe. When adding gasoline place the nozzle inside and pull it out slowly when you are done, Sliding or ¨wiping ¨ the tip of the nozzle as you pull it out from inside of the tank, this can help any loose gasoline drops from falling inside your tank and not on the ground.

Let Your Engine and the Enviornment Benefit From Your Synthetic Oil Change in Orlando

Making mindfull decions for the fuel economy of your vehicle will benefit you and the enviornment. Using full synthtic oil will not only help your engine be more fuel efficient, it will also improve its durability and performance. Contact Ken Reaser Enterprises at (321) 230-6958 and let your engine enjoy the many benefits of a synthetic oil change, today.    

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