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With summer pretty much here, now is the perfect time to start thinking about heading out on the waters. The following tips and advice can help you make more secure boating choices and take the proper precautions for safer sailing.

How to Have a Safer Boat Ride When Heading Out

The way the sun reflects on the sparkling waters couldn´t be any more inviting, than during the summer. Now is the time when most boaters and watercraft enthusiasts get away from land and head out for some fun. That is why you have to be extra careful and be sure to follow the right safety precautions.

Always Being Prepared

  • There are several things that you want to prepare for and a few precautions you want to take. The first one starts with ensuring that your boat is in good conditions to head out to the waters. An important aspect of staying safe on the waters is making sure that your boat or watercraft is well maintained and in good conditions so that you can avoid a mishap or more serious accident due to failure in the equipment or boat.
  • Make sure that you keep your boat´s electrical system in good shape by regularly checking on it and ensuring that moisture or corrosion has not gotten the best of it. The battery should also be checked in order to avoid any problems. Also, verify that all fluids in your boat are sufficient and in good conditions, especially the engine oil.
  • No matter what type of boat or watercraft you own, it requires good lubrication and engine protection in order to truly function. That is why it is so important that you use quality lubricants that provide constant coverage. AMSOIL offers the best synthetic lubricants for all kinds of boats and watercrafts. They carry both two-stroke and four-stroke oils, and even have HP Marine Synthetic 2-Stroke Oil, a special low toxicity marine lubricant that helps you make more enviornmentally friendly choices. For your convenience, you can check out their variety of marine lubricants and products on their online store or contact Ken Reaser Enterprises directly at (321) 230-6958. 

Elaborate and Use Your Pre- Departure Checklist

It is important that before you head out you not only verify the fluid levels in your boat and that all areas are functioning well but that you also carry out a pre-departure checklist. This checklist should include ensuring that you have safety equipment with you, emergency tools, and other first necessity items in case you should need them. For a complete pre-departure checklist take a look at the one provided here in the Discover Boating website.

Be Prepared and Weather Cautious

Being prepared can be the most helpful and vital safety measure. That is why it is so important to always check the weather forecasts and be on the constant lookout for negative weather changes. Do not risk your safety and if you start to spot a sudden weather change, a gathering of clouds or stronger wind changes be sure to take do not risk your safety and try to get to land as soon as possible.

Avoid Drinking in Your Boat or Watercraft

When going out boating with friends it can be quite common to take a few drinks and have fun drinking in the waters. However, this is far from recommended. The best thing you can do in regards to safety is to avoid alcohol altogether when going boating. When you´re out on the waters the sun and the wind can accelerate the effects of alcohol and intensify them leading you to double the chances of getting into an accident.

Other Precaution Measures You Should Take

  • It is important that you use common sense and precaution in all your boating experiences.
  • Do not try to go at very high speeds, be especially careful in areas where there are other boats and watercrafts.
  • Always, stay alerted to any large vessels that may not have the ability to act fast if they haven´t spotted you.
  • Protect yourself from the sun by using sunblock, glasses and/or other protective gear if necessary.

Synthetic Oil Change for Your Boat in Apopka

Good lubrication for your boat is always essential and therefore should a priority. Never head out without ensuring that your engine is in top shape and protected by a high-quality lubricant.  At Ken Reaser Enterprisesyou will be sure to find all the maintenance products you need for your boat or watercraft. Contact them right now at (321) 230-6958. and try AMSOIL lubricants today.

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