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Some of us can be a little negligent when it comes to our car's oil changes. Here are some ways your car lets you know it's time for an oil change.

It’s Easy to Forget to Change Your Oil

It's so easy to ignore the oil change sign on your dashboard or the sticker on your window. After all, they’re mere suggestions, right? What is an extra couple of miles going to do? Those miles can keep on increasing until you just forget about changing your oil altogether. Then the day arrives when your engine starts acting weird, your car isn’t working as it used to, and you’re spending more money on fuel. The reason why your car feels different might be that there is not enough oil left to lubricate your engine. Perhaps that oil has turned into sludge by now. You can quickly fix the lack of lubrication and appearance of sludge by getting a synthetic oil change. Don’t wait until your engine starts acting up to change your oil. Here are some ways your car lets you know it’s due for an oil change.

 5 Signs You Need to Change Your Synthetic Motor Oil in Apopka

The Oil Looks Dark and Gritty

Fresh oil looks amber or reddish when you first change it. It will naturally get darker as times goes by, but it doesn’t mean it has gone bad. Oil collects all sorts of dirt and pollutants from the engine. Because of this, it’s bound to change colors. Check the dipstick and if you can still see the stick through the dark oil, then it still works. If you can’t see the dipstick or if the oil feels gritty when you touch it, it needs to go.

Dropping Oil Levels

As the oil starts getting older, your engine starts using more and more of it. If it's quite old, most of the oil has probably turned into sludge in your engine. The oil that remains needs to work double to keep the engine running. If you notice that your oil level has dropped all of a sudden, your first instinct might be just to refill it with some oil you pick up at the gas station. Before you do that, you need to check the oil’s consistency. If your engine looks dirty and your oil looks and feels thick and grimy, refilling it might not be the best idea. By this point you should flush it out entirely and possibly use AMSOIL’s AMSOIL Engine Flush to clean out the old oil and refill it with a new one. Afterwards, you can get a synthetic oil change along with a new oil filter. You can purchase all your supplies for a synthetic oil change in Apopka from Ken Reaser Enterprises, or you can check out AMSOIL’s online store. Place your order by calling them at (321) 230-6958 and get some tips on taking better care of your engine with AMSOIL Synthetic Oil.

You Can’t Remember When You Changed Your Oil Last

If you can’t remember when you last took your car for some basic maintenance or changed your oil at home, it’s probably time to change it now. You should follow the oil change recommendations found in your owner’s manual. After you replace your oil, start writing down the date of your oil changes so you won't forget it in the future.

The Check Engine Sign On Your Dashboard Lights Up

Don’t panic! If the check engine sign lights up it doesn’t necessarily mean there’s something seriously wrong. It might just be that you’re running low on oil. Take a look at your oil dipstick and if the oil level looks fine, only then can you start to worry.

Your Engine Starts to Get Noisy

A well-lubricated engine should only produce a gentle purr or hum, if you will. When there’s not enough oil, the level of friction increases. All those metal parts that are now grinding up against each other start to produce unpleasant noises. Your car is literally speaking to you, telling you to get a synthetic oil change as soon as possible

Get Your Synthetic Motor Oil Changed in Apopka Today

If your car is presenting any of these signs, what are you waiting for? Get your oil changed as soon as you can! If you don’t use synthetic oil yet, it’s about time you start enjoying its many benefits. Remember you can get everything you need for a synthetic oil change at AMSOIL’s online store or you can call Ken Reaser Enterprises at (321) 230-6958 to order your supplies.

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