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Cleaning Tips and Advice to Maintain a Safe Engine With Synthetic Oil

We previously talked about sludge and discussed how it affects your engine. We already know that maintaining the inside of your engine clean is essential so that your vehicle can function correctly. However, the inside of the engine isn´t the only thing that is affected by dirt and filth, the exterior and interior of your vehicle can also impact the value and safety of your car. Keeping this in mind we thought we´d share some information on why and how you can maintain your vehicle clean from inside the hood to the exterior and interior of your vehicle.

Synthetic Oil Helps Keep the Engine Clean

The engine needs to stay clean inside and free of all sorts of buildup. Otherwise, your vehicle could face many complications such as blocked passageways that prevent proper lubrication and prohibit certain pieces from completing their job. Synthetic oil is the number one solution and most effective form of prevention against sludge and buildup. AMSOIL offers a variety of products created specially to meet the needs of your engine and improve their performance. Contact Ken Reaser Enterprises today and buy only the best for the protection of your vehicle.

The Importance of Cleaning Under the Hood

You also need to clean the exterior of your engine and the different areas under the hood of your vehicle. Doing so will prevent dirt and other impurities from accumulating and possibly ruining the small but vital parts of your engine. Although the engine itself is mostly made from metal it relies on smaller pieces such as hoses, wiring, and seals that will become deteriorated with the accumulated filth. Not to mention that the filth can also get inside important areas of the engine and even contaminate the essential fluids that help it function.

How to Clean Under the Hood of Your Vehicle

It is always best and much easier to keep the inside of the hood clean from the start by completing regular maintenance cleaning. This means that if you routinely wipe off the surfaces and clean off the dirt and grease that starts to gather up you will rarely need to do an extensive clean up. Using a rag to wipe off the surfaces and areas under the hood should normally suffice.  However, if you have never cleaned under the hood and haven´t done so for a while it may be extremely filthy at this point. In this case, your best option is to have it professionally cleaned. Some people make the expensive mistake of popping open the hood and rinsing the inside off with a hose. This exposes the wiring and other sensitive areas to the water and can cause substantial problems. Newer models that have a more advanced computer system may be harmed more easily by water and therefore rising of the inside of your hood should be avoided at all costs.

Tips to Help Clean and Maintain the Interior and Exterior of Your Car

  • Prevent clutter from piling up in your car. When you bring items into your vehicle take them out as soon as they don´t need to be carried around.
  • Remove gum and other waxy or sticky substances that may fall on your car´s carpet. To remove them place dry ice or even an ice cube on the gum or area and once it gets really cold it will tend to harden and freeze. You can then scrape off the gum or waxy substance.
  • Always carry a designated trash bag in your vehicle. Every time you have a paper or wrapper or anything that needs to be thrown out place it in the trash bag. Make a habit out of throw out the trash bag at the end of the day or before you lock the car for the night.
  • Vacuum the interior of your vehicle at least once a week. That way you don´t let the dirt and dust accumulate and penetrate further inside the edges.
  • When washing the exterior of your vehicle be sure to use a  wash mitt or soft cloth and have two buckets of water. One should have soap and water and the other should have clean water to rinse off the cloth or mitt.
  • Avoid using soaps that are not specially formulated for the exterior of your vehicle. Dish soap and other commercial soaps intended for other purposes are too harsh for car paint. To read more on Toyota´s car washing recommendations and other maintenance tips, visit this link here. 

Experience the Benefits of a Clean Car Inside and Out With Synthetic Oil Changes in Altamonte Springs

AMSOIL products can help maintain your vehicle in great state and your engine in excellent conditions. Call (321) 230-6958 today and live the benefits of using the best quality synthetic oil in your engine.

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