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The summer heat can make your engine hotter and potentially cause it to overheat. There are some simple tricks you can try to prevent an overheated engine, such as getting a synthetic oil change.

Synthetic Oil Changes and Other Ways to Prevent Your Engine from Overheating in Apopka

Engines run at extreme temperatures. Combine those temperatures with the current summer temperature, and the results can be terrible. The excessive temperature can cause your engine to overheat and possibly leave you stranded somewhere under the sun. The heat can affect your engine in several ways, such as evaporating the precious fluids that make it work. A synthetic oil change can help prevent your engine from overheating, but there are other things you need to consider as well.

The Temperature Affects Your Vehicle’s Fluids

The heat (and the cold) can affect all of your vehicle’s fluids like the gasoline and motor oil. Fuel tends to expand when the temperature rises. That’s the reason why you suddenly seem to have more fuel mid-afternoon. You should be smart about refueling and do it in the morning or evening when the gasoline is still cool. High temperatures can also make gasoline release toxic byproducts. You can’t do anything about the weather, but you can work to get the most out of your fuel and make your vehicle more eco-friendly. Motor oil, on the other hand, can evaporate with the heat, leaving your engine vulnerable and unprotected. Of course, the oil’s volatility (evaporation loss) depends on which type of motor oil you use. Regular oil has around a 20% volatility, whereas synthetic oil only has half of it. A synthetic oil change sounds better now, right? While we’re on the subject of motor oil, let’s talk about the role it plays in keeping your engine from overheating. All the moving metal parts that make up the engine rub together and create friction. Friction produces more and more heat. If there isn’t proper lubrication to reduce the friction, the cooling system won’t be enough to regulate the engine’s temperature, causing it to overheat. You need to listen to your car when it tells you it needs fresh oil, and get a synthetic oil change. AMSOIL Synthetic Oil helps reduce friction and absorbs some of the engine’s heat. If you want to learn more about friction and how synthetic oil can help minimize it, you can call Ken Reaser Enterprises at (321) 230-6958. They will also help you choose the best lubricant for your engine. Browse through AMSOIL’s online store and purchase their Signature Series 5W-20 Synthetic Motor Oil, which does a fantastic job of protecting against extreme temperatures

 5 Ways to Prevent an Overheated Engine

  1. Keep up with your car’s maintenance: If you expect your vehicle to provide the best performance and not leave you stranded because of the heat, you need to make sure you meet its maintenance needs. Take your car for routine checkups with the mechanic, pay attention to any signs that light up in your dashboard, keep your tires at the right pressure. Take some time to learn more about your car by reading your owner’s manual.
  2. Maintain the cooling system: Synthetic oil does play a role in keeping your engine cooler, but the chief worker when it comes to regulating the engine’s temperature is the cooling system. It needs to be in perfect working condition this summer to do a good cooling job. Be sure to provide proper maintenance to all the parts that make up the cooling system, which are the radiator, pressure cap, water pump, fan, thermostat, hoses, and the coolant. Don’t forget to refill the coolant. When the coolant levels are low, the cooling system struggles to complete its cycles and performs poorly. If the levels are low, it’s time to get AMSOIL’s  Low Toxicity Antifreeze and Engine Coolant.
  3. Pay attention to the temperature gauge: You can find the temperature gauge in the dashboard. It lets you know when the engine is heating up. Pay close attention to the gauge when you’re driving. If the temperature is climbing, you need to blast the heater to max and let the hot air escape. Avoid blasting the AC at all costs.
  4. Cover your car: Just like yourself, your car can start feeling bad and dehydrated when exposed to the sun and the heat. Constant sun exposure can affect your car’s performance and longevity. Try to park it under the shade and use sun shades on the windshield.
  5. Be gentle with the engine: You can also make your engine’s temperature rise by constantly stressing and overworking it. Go easy on your engine to keep it from overheating. Keep a steady pace when you drive, don’t over pack your vehicle, and keep your engine properly maintained and lubricated with a synthetic oil change.

Keep Your Engine Cool in Apopka With a Synthetic Oil Change

Keep your engine cool, improve your fuel mileage and your engine’s overall performance with an AMSOIL Synthetic Oil change in Apopka. You’ll get the best oil protection in the market. You can call Ken Reaser Enterprises at (321) 230-6958 to place your order, or you can purchase your synthetic lubricants online.  

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