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 Biff Burger Cruise In

Event Details 

Start: June 3, 2016 5:00 pm until 10:00 pm 
Location: Biff Burger & Buffy's BBQ
Address: 3939 49th Street North, St Petersburg, Florida 
Every Friday
Registration Fee: Free 
Phone: (727) 244-8519

 Burger King Cruise In

Event Details 
Start: June 3, 2016 5:00 pm until 9:00 pm 
Location: Burger King
Address: 3590 Harden Boulevard, Lakeland, Florida 
Every Friday
Registration Fee: Free 
Phone: (863) 646-9105

 Friday Night All-American Muscle Car Cruise

Event Details:

June 3, 2016 4:00 pm until  11:00 pm 
Location: Old Town
Address: 5770 W. Irlo Bronson Memorial Hwy., Kissimmee, FL 34746
Every Friday
Registration: Free
Phone: (407) 396-4888
 Harley-Davidsons* and other bikes with big V-twin engines generate significant heat, especially in low-speed parades, in rally traffic or on long climbs on hot days. Motor oil plays a critical role in cooling these big air-cooled engines, and even more so in low-speed operation with limited...
 Here are some of the benefits of becoming a Preferred Customer:

P.C. Benefits

AMSOIL P.C.s continue paying wholesale prices for AMSOIL products, a savings of up to 25 percent, while also receiving these additional benefits:

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Synthetic Oil Helps Decrease Gasoline Use and Pollution

There are many advantages to using synthetic oil in your engine. We previously discussed how synthetic oil can be a more environmentally friendly choice. We talked about the importance of reducing motor oil waste, and today, we want to...

How Synthetic Oil May Help Reduce the Negative Effects on the Environment

Earth day is just around the corner and every year it becomes more and more crucial to start making better choices for our planet, starting with our vehicles. It would be very difficult for all of us to all trade in our...

Why Changing the Oil and Using Synthetic Oil is Essential

We have mentioned it before, plenty of times: changing your oil is crucial for the well-being of you vehicle, but just how important is it really? Well, today we want to discuss some of the reasons why changing it is so essential, and how...

Synthetic Oil Helps Protect the Engine Against Friction Problems

No matter how careful you are with your car´s exterior, there are far more dangers in the interior that you need to be aware of, in order to properly protect it, and keep it in good working condition. One of those sneaky and most...
Synthetic oil has become an important component in the lubrication industry and everyday it proves to be more and more essential to the maintenance and performance of all types of vehicles and machines. However it didn´t start out that way. Today at Ken Reaser Enterprises we want to further...

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