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Novice and seasoned boaters a like can sometimes make mistakes when it comes to their boats. The key to avoid making them is to know what the most common boating mistakes are; you'll find some of them in this article.

Silly Mistakes All Boaters in Orlando Should Avoid

You don't need to be an amateur boater to commit the most common boating mistakes. Even experts are known to make a mistake or two. Accidents can happen to anyone, even in calm waters. Don't let yourself make any of the common boating blunders you'll find in this article. You are the only person who can prevent them from happening. Read this before you get ready to launch out into the water and enjoy a relaxing day boating in Orlando.

Losing Attention

You might be just floating and relaxing on the seemingly calm water. However, water can be treacherous, and in a brief moment of inattention you can end up crashing or capsizing. Most accidents happen when operators are tired or distracted. Collisions, which could easily be avoided, against markers, jetties, and other obstacles occur.  Don’t make the mistake of losing your attention even if the water seems calm.

Forgetting to Install the Drain Plug

Even seasoned boaters can occasionally forget to put in the drain plug before launching. Installing the drain plug is a basic procedure, and forgetting to do it means you’ll have a boat full of water. Check, check, and check again before taking off, and bear in mind that some boats have multiple plugs.

Drinking and Boating

Yes, the gentle sway of the water and the relaxing mood on the boat are ideal for throwing back a couple of beers. Let’s face it one beer can turn into four and affect your ability to make smart decisions.  Don’t forget that operating a boat while your blood alcohol concentration is over 80 mg is a criminal offense. Let the passengers do the drinking, and even then they should pace themselves. The combination of alcohol and the heat can cause dehydration and lower people’s inhibitions even further. The chances of your passengers being involved in risky behavior or falling overboard exponentially increase. If you’re set on having a drink on your boat, you can only do so if it has a permanent cooking facility and sleeping area. Also, it needs to be docked.

Ignoring Basic Maintenance

You don’t want your boat to start acting up or malfunctioning in the middle of the water. There’s not much you can at that point. What you can do, however, is keep up with your boat’s basic maintenance. There are plenty of maintenance tasks you can do on your own to be sure your boat is safe to take off, from cleaning the interior and exterior, checking the propeller, refueling, and changing the marine oil. The frequency of the oil changes varies depending on your boat's model and the hours of operation. Be sure to stick to marine oil and not just any regular motor oil. Try to use synthetic lubricants since they offer the best lubrication for your marine engine. Remember that four-stroke and two-stroke oil is different, so shop accordingly. AMSOIL has plenty of marine oil options for whichever type of boat you own. A good choice for your four-stroke boat is their 10W-30 Synthetic Marine Engine Oil since it's compatible with most brands.  As for your two-stroke engine,  AMSOIL's Synthetic 2-Stroke Injector Oil is ideal for those engines that require injector-safe lubrication. You can get everything concerning your boat's lubrication needs at AMSOIL's online store or by calling Ken Reaser Enterprises at (321) 230-6958 if you're anywhere near Orlando.

Being Underprepared for Emergencies

Before departing the dock, you need to be sure your vessel is prepared for safe boating. Are there enough life jackets for you and your passengers? Is your boat packed with the basic safety necessities? Do you and your passengers know about basic emergency procedures? It’s important that you teach at least one of the passengers how to use the radio and emergency equipment in case you’re not able to do it yourself. You must always be ready for worst case scenarios. Filing a float plan is also a good safety precaution to take before launching.

Overestimating Your Boating Knowledge

Experienced and novice boaters a like often overestimate their knowledge and skill when it comes to safely operating a boat. Accidents can happen to anyone and most of the time they can easily be prevented. Do yourself, and your passengers, a favor, and study up on boating techniques and safety instructions. Remember that the key to avoiding boating mistakes and accidents is looking right at you in the mirror.

Synthetic Oil Change for Your Marine Engine in Altamonte Springs

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